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Avon Birthstone Nailwear Pro+ Review

22 Dec 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Just in time for all the upcoming parties that help make up the festive season Avon have launched the Avon Birthstone Nailwear Pro+ Range.

The foundation of Birthstones Nailwear Pro+ is the Nailwear Pro formula that’s been a core product in the Avon catalogue for several years. Nailwear Pro+ is fortified with Dura-Plus Complex and acrylic gel for strength. Avon claims it lasts up to 12 days with 10 days of shine and a chip resistant formula. The bottle is a beautiful diamond shaped glass bottle.

Avon Birthstone Nailwear Pro+
Avon Birthstone Nailwear Pro+ Bottles

Avon Birthstone Nailwear Pro+ Colours

As this is a birthstone themed product, there are obviously 12 polishes. They are a mix of pearl, shimmers and high density glitters.

The colours are;

  • January – Garnet Red

  • February – Amethyst Purple

  • March – Aquamarine Blue

  • April – Diamond Clear

  • May – Emerald Green

  • June – Pearl Pink

  • July – Ruby Red

  • August – Peridot Green

  • September – Sapphire Blue

  • October- Opal Cream

  • November – Citrine Orange

  • December – Topaz Blue

I was sent Garnet Red, Emerald Green and Pearl Pink.

Avon Birthstone Nailwear Pro+ Garnet Red

Garnet Red is a beautiful shimmery bottle of joy. It remind me of China Glaze Ruby Pumps which is my go to red at this time of year. The formula was fantastically opaque, almost a one coat wonder.


Garnet Red (No Topcoat)

All of the brushes are nice and stiff and hold together well. As a trained gel manicurist I know that the brush is as important as the formulation. Drying time was on the quick side.  In fact, by the time you’ve finished the 10th nail you can return to the first. I wore this to work and received several compliments. I’ve said before that my hands are in and out of water and as a result there’s no polish that lasts perfectly on my nails, but I had 3 days of wear before I chipped it. For me that’s actually an amazing result.

Avon Birthstone Nailwear Pro+ Pearl Pink

Pearl Pink is a lovely cream polish. I was actually dreading swatching as despite my training I find these more pastel shades difficult to apply without streaking.

Pearl Pink (No Topcoat)

I didn’t need to worry, application was as easy as Garnet Red was. This shade would be a perfect base for nail art, for example a glitter reverse French where the focus is at the cuticle.

Avon Birthstone Nailwear Pro+ Emerald Green

Emerald Green I loved in the bottle but wasn’t prepared to love in real life. Let me embellish, I love green polishes but they don’t love me.

Emerald Green (No Topcoat)

Again I was proven wrong, this is a lovely shimmery teal green rather than Emerald, if I’m allowed to be picky over the name. Again a great festive polish and opaque with one coat.

Find the full range of Avon Birthstone Nailwear Pro+ here

I loved each and every one of the Birthstone Nailwear Pro+ I tried. Which one takes your fancy?

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