Astral Original 2018 Review - 1-O-One Beauty Tips Exchange (giveaway)
By Ree

Astral Original 2018 Review – 1-O-One Beauty Tips Exchange (giveaway) #OnePotWonder*

29 May 2018 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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You may not have heard much about Astral Original for a while but for me, it’s a bit like the high street, much more affordable version of Eight Hour Cream; A hundred and one uses and always handy to have in your beauty stash. The Astral brand is a very nostalgic one for me.

Astral Original

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It has always been a safe option to use no matter what the skin complaint, and it always feels and smells super comforting and healing. Since its launch in 1953, Astral has been a trusted daily skincare multi-tasker and today’s version remains true to its original skin-saving formulation.

Astral Original Features

Astral Original
Astral Original
  • The one pot wonder – Since 1953, ASTRAL Original has been on hand to help with a variety of skin needs
  • Contains Lanolin, a rich natural waterproofing wax that creates a protective barrier to lock in moisture whilst allowing the skin to breathe
  • Uses a water in oil formulation which acts as an effective moisturising cream
  • Clinically proven to nourish and protect skin
  • Available HERE
Astral Original
Astral Original

Back in the day, the makers of Astral focused on providing beauty tips and advice for their customers and encouraged community sharing, not too different from the way many online communities interact today. To celebrate the heritage of Astral, the brand is launching Astral’s 1-O-One Beauty Tips Exchange, a modern 2018 version of their original advertising themes.

In order to bring to life Astral’s beauty tips roots, they want the beauty junkies of the world to share their tips to be included in a colourful beauty tips booklet. So, they are inviting you to share your tips and as a thank you, they’ll give the first 100 tip givers a pot of Astral.

To help get you started, here are some of the ways that I love to use Astral.

Holiday Space Saver

Why pack ten bottles when you can pack one pot? You can use Astral as a soothing after sun cream, facial cream cleanser, hand cream, pre-wash hair mask, cuticle balm and more. If you need it to be extra soothing, pop it in the fridge.

Astral Original
Astral Cocoa Butter

Fake Tan Prep & Perfect

Use a small amount Astral on dry areas before tanning to reduce absorption. Also, for any little fake tan mistakes or build up, apply a thick layer of Astral Original on to the area and leave for 10 minutes. Then gently buff away with a dry flannel to lift away the excess tan. The NEW Cocoa Butter Astral would be perfect for this to enhance the summer vibe!

Astral Original
Astral Cocoa Butter

And now it’s over to you!

We’d love you to share your beauty tips and in exchange you’ll receive a FREE 50ml sample of Astral Original – the offer is open to the first 100 tips received, see terms and conditions. As I said, Astral will collate all the tips into Astral’s “Beauty 1-0-One”, a cute, colourful beauty tips booklet for women everywhere.

So please leave your tips over on my Astral Instagram post using #OnePotWonder.

Please let me know if you have any questions and stay tuned to the homepage for all the news.



This post is a collaboration with Astral, however, as always all thoughts are my own.

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