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Armani Advent Calendar 2020 – Available Now

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Here’s everything you need to know about the Armani Advent Calendar 2020. Find out what’s in it, how much it costs and when it’s out! It’s a beauty!

Armani Advent Calendar 2020
Armani Advent Calendar 2020

My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I spotted this gorgeous thing at the Selfridges Christmas press day in 2019 and I think that the 2020 edition looks very similar! It has slightly different outer packaging, but they have kept with the theme of red and gold which I absolutely love.

The good news is, the contents are much better than last year!

It’s available at Armani Beauty* now.

What’s in the Armani Advent Calendar 2020?

There are so many gorgeous goodies inside here, so get ready for this! It’s a much better line up than last year with more full size products and none of the pins and keyrings that just took up important beauty space!

The advent calendar includes:

6 Full Size Products

  • 404 Lip Maestro
  • 102 Lip Maestro
  • 2 Eyes to Kill Stellar
  • 8 Eye Tint Silk
  • 1 Eyes to Kill Designer Eyeliner

17 Miniatures

  • My Way EDP 7 ml
  • Sì Classic EDP 7 ml
  • Sì Fiori EDT 7 ml
  • Armani Code EDT 4 ml
  • Acqua Di Gioia EDP 5 ml
  • Aqua Di Giò EDT 5 ml
  • Sì Passione EDP 7 ml
  • Sì Passione Intense 7 ml
  • Stronger With You EDT 7 ml
  • Eyes To Kill Classico 2 ml
  • Ecstasy Lacquer #400 1.5 ml
  • Rouge D’Armani #201 14 g
  • Rouge D’Armani #400 14 g
  • Lip Maestro #400 1.5 ml
  • Lip Maestro #501 1.5 ml
  • Crema Nera Eye Cream 5 g
  • Perfection Eye Make-up Remover 40 ml

1 Accessory
Armani Beauty Compact Mirror

There is a lot! And it is such a brilliant mix of different products that even hardcore Armani Beauty fans may find themselves making new discoveries.

Where to buy the Armani Advent Calendar 2020

The calendar is available now at Armani Beauty.*  It £249 which is the same as last year.

Armani Advent Calendar 2020
Armani Advent Calendar 2020

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