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ANGEL Glamorama 2014 Limited Edition Collector’s Bottle

26 Nov 2014 (Updated: 27 Nov 2014)

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Angel fans listen up! I have some exciting limited edition news for you. ANGEL Glamorama is here for the festive season and it is looking pretty beautiful!

ANGEL Glamorama 2014 Limited Edition Collector’s Bottle
ANGEL Glamorama 2014 Limited Edition Collector’s Bottle

The ANGEL Glamorama 2014 Limited is exactly what its name would suggest – a celebration of real glamour. It’s a 50ml refillable Eau De Parfum bottle in stunning shiny black lacquer adorned with the soft shimmer of sparkly blue glitter.

ANGEL Glamorama 2014 Limited Edition Collector’s Bottle

It really is special. And the scent itself is one that always stays current. It was a game changer of its time with a sweet, powerful yet soft appeal that lasts and lasts.s

ANGEL Glamorama – Selfridges Engraving Service

ANGEL Glamorama 2014 Limited Edition Collector’s Bottle

This is a Selfridges exclusive and it costs £65. I think it would make the perfect present for Angel fans especially if you can take advantage of the special complementary engraving service being offered with purchase at Selfridges.

This news is a little late for London dwellers (sorry! my backlog is huge!) but if you can get to Selfridges Manchester and Birmingham then you are in luck! Manchester Trafford are offering the gold engraving until 28th November and Birmingham Bullring are running the service from 30th November to 6th December 2014.

I am absolute sucker for a bit of personalisation and I know I am not alone. It really does make a special present even more special. However, if it’s not your thing, then it really does look beautiful enough all on its own!

Find it HERE.




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