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ALAIA Paris Eau de Parfum Review

29 Jun 2015 (Updated: 13 Dec 2016)

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So this is a really interesting new fragrance launch from fashion designer Azzedine ALAIA. The key goal in the creation process was that it had a long lasting freshness which is absolutely perfect for this time of year. 

ALAIA Paris Eau de Parfum Review

I have to say, it isn’t like anything else I own right now. It has a lovely earthy yet fresh spiciness and it lasts very well on the skin.

ALAIA Paris Eau de Parfum Review

I absolutely love the bottle. It is a simple yet intricate design that echoes the famous ALAIA laser cut pattern that appeared on the designer’s iconic leather corsets of the 1990s. And the lid is stunning – it has been designed to look like a spool of golden thread. The contrast it makes with the black polished bottle is striking.

ALAIA Paris Eau de Parfum Review

ALAIA Paris Eau de Parfum Notes

So Alaia’s first inspiration was his childhood memory of his grandmother “throwing cold water on the sun-scorched walls in Tunisia.” It’s is such an evocative image. I am not entirely sure if I get that when I smell the fragrance, but then it is Alaia’s memory, not mine. I do get a lovely powder soft something – not really floral, although there are flowers, but quite musky and earthy and raw. As I said it isn’t like anything else I own.

ALAIA Paris Eau de Parfum Review

Top Notes – Airy notes and pink pepper

Heart Notes –  Peony and freesia

Base Notes – Animal and musky notes

ALAIA Paris Eau de Parfum Review

ALAIA Paris Eau de Parfum is a really interesting composition and I like it, particularly as it very long lasting on my skin. It launches in Harrods on 1st July 2015, followed by flagship stores on the 2nd August 2015 and then nationwide on 17th August.




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