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Airbase – High Definition Professional Makeup

9 Nov 2010 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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I have recently been using a range of products from Airbase, which includes a primer, foundation and blusher.
They are incredibly easy products to use, achieve a great finish and are really long lasting.
Now, Airbase is made for use with an airbrush system, but having never tried one of these systems, and being a fan of finger application, I have been using it without.
I have been really really happy with it. Each of the products has been formulated to produce an excellent finish but also to be good for the skin. So they contain:

  • Vitamin A- to improve elasticity of the skin and temporarily reduce the appearance of fine lines.
  • Vitamin E – to moisturise and repair. An anti-oxidant, it acts as an agent to deactivate free radicals, terminating damaging chain reactions and protecting cells from free radical injury.

So Step 1 is Prime.

I love a primer, I think it’s a mild obsession, and I like to know that I’m doing everything I can to ensure the products I use are as effective as they can be, for as long as they can be.

This primer is great. It has a lovely light gel formulation that feels like it’s packed with water and instantly hydrates the skin. A small pea sized amount covers the face very quickly and comfortably.

Step 2 is Foundation.

It’s a really nice consistency – very liquid and it glides over the skin beautifully. I have a medium skin tone and so number THREE blends in seamlessly. It feels very light and gentle, my skin looks plump and fine lines are softened. The skin feels really moisturised.

Step 3 is Blusher

I have Shade One. It’s a gorgeous colour. It has the same consistency as the foundation.  When it first comes out the colour is a bit scary but is blends in really nicely and leave a beautiful flush of subtle colour that makes you look fresh and healthy. I really love it.

You don’t need to use any powder with it, as it sets perfectly once blended, and you’re good to go for the rest of the day. Do eyes and lips and you’re done. Super quick and easy.

It definitely lasts well and I can forget about my face (apart from my gloss of course) until I get home.

I’d definitely recommend this, even without the airbrush system.

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What base are you using at the moment?
Can’t wait to hear from you

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