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A Day in the Life of A Beauty Blogger

4 Aug 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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I absolutely love my job as a beauty blogger. When I first started it was just about the products I bought and I was completely obsessed with that! These days it is more about brand new products and products that are yet to launch and that means going to lots of events and meetings.

I spend a tonne of time going in and out of London and travelling all over the world, and I love it. There are so many exciting new launch events, but my favourite thing is meeting with PRs I have built up a relationship with, to catch up and find out what’s new in beauty. The real challenge is balancing the time to write and ‘create’ with the time to get out there to meet people and find out about the newness. I sometimes wish you could just do everything from home, but the fact of the matter is, running a successful beauty website relies on your relationships with people. I am pleased to say that I have met some amazing characters.

I stay home testing, photographing and writing about products approximately 4 days per week (including the weekends and evenings) but a lot of my time is out and about. You will be able to see all of that on snapchat and Instagram stories. When I am home I make sure my skin is nourished, but in terms of beauty and skincare, my main concern is that I protect my skin from environmental aggressors when I am outside. There was a time when all I cared about was UVA and UVB (I am a complete sun-phobe because I’m scared of wrinkles and worse) but now pollution has become as big a threat in terms of skin ageing.

When I am out and about, I stop and work in between meetings and update the blog. Also I get so many emails so it really helps to try and stay on top of things.

Pollution levels vary all over the world, but wherever I am I like to make sure I am protecting skin from environmental assault. It is all about making sure your skin has sufficient sun protection when it counts but also making sure that you don’t allow the tiny particles of pollution (smaller than your pores) to penetrate your skin and cause inflammation, damage and consequently ageing.

Most recently I have been using the new Elizabeth Arden City Smart Shield to defend my skin from pollution. It literally blocks pollution molecules, captures them on the surface of my skin, and allows me to wash them away with my makeup rather than penetrating the epidermis. Check out the full review HERE.


After a full day, I travel home by train and wash the day off my face when I get in. It is often the very first thing I do. Then I settle down to write up all the new things I have seen.

There’s a lot to think about these days when it comes to skincare and anti-ageing, but I still believe that happiness and laughter is the best tonic in the world.  I am so lucky to do what I love and can only thank everyone that has supported me!

If I could give my younger self any advice, it would be to protect my skin more. Look after your skin people, it’s the only one you get! Find Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart HERE for £55.



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