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Top 5 Worst Lipstick Disasters

13 Jul 2014 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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Whether you’re a ‘my lips, but better’ girl, or never feel fully dressed without a bright lippy, there are certain moments in life when you don’t want your lipstick to let you down. Here are our Top 5 Worst Lipstick Disasters!

1. First day at a new job


Picture the scene – you greet your new colleagues with a happy, bubbly smile, spend a few minutes chatting then settle into your workspace. A good few hours (and conversations) later you take a peek into your compact…your lipstick still looks great on your lips, but not so hot on your teeth. You’re sure no one believes your gnashers are actually red, but it’s not the most glamorous first impression to make!

2.Taking driving licence photo


 Things like passport and driving licence photos never seem like a big deal at the time, but they stick around to haunt you for years. A dodgy hair cut, a monster blemish, a, well, interesting choice of lipstick shade…they’ll form the basis of the taunts you’ll receive at every family get-together or boozy dinner party when someone asks the dreaded question, “who has the most embarrassing I.D. Photo?”

3. At a wedding


Not necessarily even your own wedding. Big occasions usually involve lots of hugs and kisses, and if you’re a particularly over-zealous cheek pecker you could end up applying a new coat of lipstick between greeting each distant family member. Stick with a super long-lasting product, and don’t forget to warn your Uncle Derek he has a lipstick kiss mark on his face before he poses for the family photos!

4. Going for a sultry look


If you’re feeling a bit slinky and sexy after getting all dressed up for a romantic occasion, you might fancy finishing off the look with a slick of vampy lipstick. But your make up look can go from Dita Von Teese to  “no more, please” pretty quickly without the right preparation. Berry lipsticks that have bled beyond the lipline tend to take on the name in a more literal sense – we’re not sure the ‘just gorged on a punnet of raspberries’ look is going to take off any time soon!

5. Bumping into an ex


When you imagine running into an ex, it’s easy to picture yourself looking like you’ve just stepped off a Vogue cover shoot set, whilst your former significant other sports a look of crushing regret. You flick your hair, dance off into the sunset and leave them behind in the dust. OK, so it’s never going to happen quite like that, but you can at least hope you’re looking and feeling confident. If we could guarantee a good hair day, a flattering outfit and on-point lipstick, we’d take it!

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