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5 Ways to Bigger Brighter Eyes!

15 Oct 2014 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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One of our favourite beauty cheats is creating the illusion of that much sought after wide awake look. Here are 5 Ways to Bigger Brighter Eyes!

1. Highlight


A shimmery shadow on the centre of your eye lid, brow bone and in the inner third of your eyelid instantly opens and illuminates the eye.

2. Conceal


When you’re applying concealer under your eye don’t forget to blend it up to the side of your nose/inner corner of your eye to lighten and brighten your whole eye area

3. Lengthen your lashes


Long fluttery eyelashes make your eyes look larger, apply mascara on your top and bottom lashes and concentrate on your centre lashes to really open your eyes up!

4. Lay off the liner!


Applying eyeliner all round your eyes can close them up. A fine line on your top lash line and some soft definition on the outer third of your bottom lash line will keep your eyes looking large.

5. Get your beauty sleep


Tired, puffy eyes always look smaller than bright, wide awake eyes. If you didn’t get your 8 hours, pop your eye cream in the fridge and gently massage the cooling product around your eye’s orbital bone to de-puff and wake up your peepers!

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