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4 Stages Of Getting Your Nails Done

20 Nov 2014 (Updated: 1 May 2016)

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Getting your nails done professionally is always a treat, and can make you feel instantly more glamorous and put-together. But as with all beauty treatments, there’s a bit of a journey to go from drab to fab…

Stage One: The Beginning


You wander into the beauty salon feeling excited; your nails are about to look gorgeous, baby! But then you glance down at them, all naked and uneven, and you start to feel a bit sheepish. Will the nail technician judge my dodgy shaping skills, or think that eyeliner smudge on my fingertip is dirt? Why has the cold weather suddenly made my hands look 80 years old? Are my fingers weird lengths? So many questions, so little relevance to the important things in life, yet sitting in that chair you start to feel a little bead of sweat forming on your brow.

Stage Two: The Choosing


So many beautiful colours, only ten fingernails…and as it’s not 1998 anymore, we’re guessing you’ll pick just one shade (or two, if you’re doing that fancy ‘ring finger accent nail’) rather than a rainbow across your hands. Everything looks so fabulous and shiny on the nail wheel that you start to feel overwhelmed. The nail technician has her cuticle pusher in hand, awaiting your colour choice, and no words seem to be coming out. Eventually, after debating something totally off the wall, you pick a variation of the same colour you always choose.

Stage Three: The Painting


Whilst you appear to sit there, carefree and laughing, you’re really watching the movement of the nail polish brush like a hawk. It starts with checking they look perfect, but after a moment or two you become totally mesmerised. There’s something about the sweeping motion of the brush that is hypnotic, and as each layer is completed you can’t help but fall in love with your new nails. A plus side of that trance-like feeling is not having to think about the awkwardness of where you put your other fingers when one’s being painted…why does it always end up that you’re caressing the technician’s hand with your thumb!?

Stage Four: The End


Your nails are done. Now for a manoeuvre more awkward than parallel parking – the paying-without-smudging-your-nails dance. Every time, we tell ourselves to get our purses at the ready before our nails are done, and every time we forget. It’s almost more embarrassing when the nail technician offers to get your purse out of your bag for you, and ends up pulling a Wispa Gold wrapper, iPod earphones and an emergency tampon out with it. As they scatter ever-so-gracefully across the floor, you sigh and remember you still have shiny new nails to cheer you up.

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