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3 Reasons NOT To Get a Brazilian Wax

27 Oct 2014 (Updated: 16 Jan 2017)

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Ever had a sudden and uncontrollable urge to strip naked from the waist down, lie on a couch and pay a perfect stranger to paint your pubis with hot wax then rip out all of the hair from your most intimate of areas? No? Then you might just be in a minority, because that’s what thousands of us do every year.

There are lots of great reasons to get a Brazilian – for your own sexual pleasure, an experiment, because you like the way it looks, or just because you damn well want to, thank you very much. However, here are 3 Reasons NOT To Get a Brazilian Wax.

1. For Hygiene Reasons


Whatever anyone might tell you, removing pubic hair is not necessary for hygiene reasons. On the contrary, waxing makes you more likely to get an infection, sometimes leaving broken skin, ingrown hairs and open pores that provide a superhighway for bacteria to get into your body and cause infection.

Also, having pubic hair doesn’t make you smell, suggest you’re dirty or mean that there are more bacteria on your body. It’s just as easy to be hygienic with pubic hair as without. The truth is, you either wash enough or you don’t, pubic hair makes no difference. If you aren’t clean enough the answer is to shower more, not wax more.

2. For A Man Who Insists He Only Finds Waxed Women Attractive


Let’s be clear on one point. The trend for brazilians grew out of the increase in people watching online pornography. Porn stars had no pubic hair, hence viewers got used to seeing hairless women and started to equate sexiness with hairlessness.

A good response to a man who tells you that you need to be completely hairless to be attractive to him is to ask him whether he picked that idea up from a porn addiction. An even better one is a home waxing strip firmly pressed against the testicles whilst he’s sleeping, but I’ll leave that to your discretion.

If a man tries to tell you that you need to be hairless to be in a relationship with him, you need a new man, not a new waxing regime; it really is that simple. Of course, a man suggesting that it might be a fun thing to try, but not demanding it, is an entirely different proposition; you’ll know the difference and can act accordingly.

3. To Make Yourself Look Thinner


You won’t find this in glossy salon brochures, but there is one other thing to bear in mind if you lack confidence about how you look naked – Brazilian and Hollywood waxing makes your hips look wider.

I have no idea on the science, I can only tell you from hard learned experience, that a larger triangle, rather than a landing strip or being completely hair free somehow tricks the eye into making you look slighter of hip. Obviously, you might not care in the least about this, or you might positively welcome it, in which case you’ll love a hair free look. If, like me however, your hips are on the wider side and you don’t like it, be aware that this might be an unwelcome side effect.

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