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Zelens Flirt Mascara in Brown Review

17 Jan 2016 (Updated: 14 Mar 2016)

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This is my first real exploration into Zelens makeup and I was keen to try it as I always love how flattering a brown mascara can be. The original Zelens Flirt Mascara has been around in Black for a while and promises to be the ultimate treatment mascara with 22 active ingredients. This latest launch brings us Brown for a soft, day time look. Here’s the low down.

Zelens Flirt Mascara in Brown Review

Zelens Flirt Mascara Features

  • Conditioning formulation
  • Lengthens, volumises and separates lashes
  • Contains a unique peptide complex to promote growth
  • Water-resistant
Zelens Flirt Mascara in Brown Review

The formula uses a bio-available Pentapeptide that has been proven to stimulate keratin genes which promote lash growth. Clinical trials suggest that after 2 weeks’ use, length increases by 25% and lashes are stronger and appear thicker and fuller.

Zelens Flirt Mascara in Brown Review

There are too many ingredients to mention in depth here but in essence, there’s a blend of soy protein, amino acids, vitamin B complex, zinc and ginseng which all work to strengthen each lash. Shiso leaf prevents skin sensitivity and Palm Oil helps to restore natural oils.

Zelens Flirt Mascara contains 2 special silicones with conditioning properties. One increases lash volume while the other one helps to separate the lashes. It also uses Colourspheres which are encapsulated pigments that make colour intense and long lasting, and also has a volumising effect.

Zelens Flirt Mascara in Brown Before & After Photos


Zelens Flirt Mascara in Brown Review – Before

1 coat:

Zelens Flirt Mascara in Brown Review – Before & After


Zelens Flirt Mascara in Brown Review – After

It doesn’t deliver a hugely dramatic result, but I love this natural look with soft brown mascara and I am very excited to see my lashes grow and strengthen. I am going to try to continue to use it for 2 weeks and see what happens.

Zelens Flirt Mascara in Brown  is available to order online HERE



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