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Yes to Blueberries Skincare Review

22 Nov 2014

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Here we have another review from The Beauty Hype and this time it’s on clean-living Californian brand, Yes to. Here she’s looking at the Yes to Blueberries range.

Yes to Blueberries Skincare Review

If, like me, your face is showing the first (or second or third, as in my case!) signs of fine lines, then ‘yes to blueberries’ new range of affordable skincare aimed at reducing fine lines and wrinkles, is designed for you.

Yes to Blueberries Skincare Review

Most of us know, even if we don’t manage it, that five a day is the goal for fruit and veg intake, (It’s seven a day in Australia, do they know something we don’t?). Something we might not have considered though, is whether applying fruit and vegetables to our faces might actually make us look better too.

Yes to Blueberries – The Premise


This is the premise behind yes to blueberries, whose formulations use anti-oxidants found in (you guessed it!) blueberries, cotton thistle, paracress flower and apple to help rejuvenate skin, diminish fine lines and improve skin firmness. Every product in the range is at least 95% natural ingredients, and contains no paraben, petroleum or sls.

So, do they work?

Yes to Blueberries Skincare Review

Whilst there are seven products in total in the range, I tried the eye firming treatment, intensive skin repair serum and daily replenishing moisturiser.

Yes to Blueberries Skincare Review

Each comes in a rather nifty dispenser that looks like an aerosol but is actually a pump dispenser, one or two pumps dispense enough to cover the whole face.

Yes to Blueberries Skincare Review

Yes to Blueberries Skincare Review

Although I haven’t tried the range for long enough to fully report back on its wrinkle busting effects, the initial signs are good. There is no definite improvement in my wrinkles yet, but even after just a few applications my skin feels smooth, plumper, and better nourished.

On initial application the products feel comforting on my dry skin, hydrating, but without the oiliness that can make me break out. One point to note; those with very sensitive skin might want to avoid the eye serum which gave just the slightest tingle when I applied it in the very delicate skin close to the eyes.

Yes to Blueberries Skincare Review

An hour after application my skin felt decidedly smoother, an effect I’ve only ever experienced before in creams at a much higher price point, and again, my skin was entirely without oiliness, so I think these products would also work well for those with oily skin.

The key to getting a good result with these creams seems to be not to over apply, the first time I used them I slapped on the serum and moisturiser together liberally, and then 20 minutes later experienced what can only be described as facial pilling- my face would give up little balls of product when touched, the face equivalent of jumper shedding little balls of fluff.

However, once I used it more sparingly and allowed the serum to sink in before applying the moisturiser my skin felt and looked smooth and the product absorbed perfectly, leaving behind hydrated, plumper feeling skin.

You can find Yes to blueberries here at Boots. Prices start at £3.99.

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