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Xen-Tan Transformation Ultra And Moroccan Tan Ultra Review

27 Jun 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Having had a previous bad experience with fake tan as a teenager I’d stayed away and embraced my pale skin. However inspired by Ree and Rebecca’s articles on getting the best from your tan I jumped at the chance to try celebrity and salon favourite Xen-Tan.

Xen-Tan Transformation Ultra
Xen-Tan Transformation Ultra

I was lucky enough to be sent two products to try and I chose to use Xen-Tan Transformation Ultra first. The product is described as “no guide colour and transfer resistant, this lightly tinted gorgeous smelling lotion delivers bespoke tanning results that will continue to develop even after you wash it off. It’s perfect for those who want mess free, speedy yet flawless results and a guaranteed gorgeous golden glow that lasts and lasts.”

xen-tan transformation ultra
Xen-Tan Transformation Ultra Dark & Moroccan Tan Ultra

It’s recommended that you wash the product off after 1 hour for a light golden glow, 2 hours for a medium tan and 3 hours or longer for an ultra deep tan. After washing off, the colour will continue to develop over the next 10 hours. Being wary of tanning and aware that I’d been sent the ultra dark version I decided to wash it off after 1 hour.

Xen-Tan Mitt
Xen -Tan Mitt

I prepared my skin as advised, shaving the night before and exfoliating earlier that day. I applied a squash ball amount to the Xen-tan mitt and then buffed into my leg in circular motions paying particular attention to buffing my knees and ankles to remove excess product. I touched my legs after 5 minutes and there was no tacky or sticky feeling so I dressed in loose yoga style trousers. After an hour I washed off the product.

I noticed a nice subtle glow was emerging and on waking (with no transfer onto my sheets) the colour had developed further and was a nice golden, not orange colour. Unfortunately I had missed some patches, this was operator error and no reflection on the product, a more experienced tanner should have no issues.

Xen-Tan Transformation Ultra Pros:

  • Nice cucumber-melon scent
  • Fast drying
  • Transfer resistant
  • Natural golden colour

Xen-Tan Transformation Ultra Cons:

  • No guide colour made it hard to see if applied properly
  • Squeezy tube hard to use whilst wearing the mitt, it also made it difficult to know if the same amount of product applied to each leg or arm for example.

I would recommend this for a slightly more experienced or confident tanner. I will use it again but after gaining confidence. You can find it to order online here

Xen-Tan Moroccan Ultra
Xen-Tan Moroccan Ultra

This leads me on nicely to the second product I tried, Xen-Tan Moroccan Tan Ultra. It’s described in the following way:

  • Optimum Complex 30 means tan develops into a richer, deeper shade for a full 5 days
  • Gives an instant sheer brown colour making it super easy to apply Contains Moroccan oil which glides onto skin with ease for an even finish whilst also leaving skin hydrated and protected
  • Humectants help to create an ultra-even finish and coverage
  • Light tropical scent that smells fresh on application and stays fresh all day

Again this was in ultra dark but had a lovely guide colour which made it easy to see where the product was applied. After allowing the transformation tan to fade I applied this by preparing my skin and again using the mitt in circular motions. This took longer to dry but didn’t claim to be transfer resistant so I wasn’t concerned. I was able to dress after about 20 minutes with no smell of biscuits (we all know that tell tale smell of fake tan) at any time. After 3-4 hours I showered and noticed the tan wash off down the plughole. I was left with a lovely even golden colour and no steaks or missing patches in sight.


  • Guide colour made application very easy and panic free
  • Nice tropical scent
  • Even fade over time
  • Quick development time


  • Squeezy tube- this product would be perfect in a pump for ensuring even amount applied to the body but would also mean you don’t have to keep removing the mitt to get the product out.

Four days later I still have a nice even colour, which is fading as any natural tan would do. I have been moisturising daily and exfoliating every other day to ensure an even fade. Unfortunately Brighton in particular has been battered by some terrible storms and I’ve been unable to take photos in natural light; even I draw the line and being struck by lightning in the name of beauty! However, this is a natural golden colour and will be my first choice tan on those occasions I need a little boost in a bottle. 

You can find the Xen-Tan Morrocan Ultra to order online here

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2 thoughts on “Xen-Tan Transformation Ultra And Moroccan Tan Ultra Review

  1. I love this article, to not have tan transfer on to my sheets is the dream. As someone who relies on fake tanning to make myself feel better this is a bit of a goldmine. Fabulous article x

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