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Verso Deep Hydration Mask Review

12 Jun 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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So I’m a little bit of a skincare addict I admit, but what I am hooked on at the moment is face masks, in particular sheet masks. I love how quick and efficient they are and how you can just whip one out and you don’t have to go through all the fuss of washing it off in the bathroom. I’ve been testing out a fair few over the past couple of months and have come across these beautiful masks from Verso. Today I have the Intense Hydrating Face Mask and the Reviving Eye Mask to show you.

Verso Deep Hydration Mask & Reviving Eye Mask
Verso Deep Hydration Mask & Reviving Eye Mask

Verso Skincare claim they have developed skincare which can turn back time; the name Verso is taken from the Latin term for reverse. They have formulated their skincare line to be eight times more potent compared to regular Retinol and have included Vitamin A in the formulation.

Vitamin A is known to reduce signs of ageing and helps prevents wrinkles and skin from sagging. Traditional Retinol can be harsh and aggressive on the skin and you are more UV sensitive afterwards, but these Verso products are formulated so they are less aggressive, create less UV sensitivity and more importantly, are 8 times more potent compared to traditional Retinol.

Verso Deep Hydration Mask Review
Verso Deep Hydration Mask Review

I have been playing with the Intense Hydrating Face Mask this week and I have to say I didn’t know what to expect. The sheet masks are individually packaged but you buy them as a pack of 4. The texture of the sheet mask is very similar to the Sarah Chapman Skinesis 3D Moisture Masks and has a really tough/durable material compared to regular cotton sheet masks. The face masks come in two pieces, one for the top half of the face and one for the bottom half. I placed them both on my face and they definitely felt very slippy -I felt they moved around a little. I left this face mask on for the recommended time which was 20 minutes and upon removing my skin felt really soft and hydrated.

Verso Deep Hydration Mask Pros:

  • The liquid on the sheet masks dries within the recommended time frame.
  • These sheet masks are super travel friendly and they are fuss free as opposed to traditional masks which you have to remove with water.
  • Skin feels instantly hydrated and works great as a TLC for the skin.

Verso Deep Hydration Mask Cons:

  • Keeps slipping off my face compared to other sheet masks I own.
  • The sheet mask was a little big for me so I feel this would suit more European complexions as opposed to traditional sheet masks which are suited more for Asian complexions.
  • Expensive for the quantity- works out £15 per mask so definitely a luxury.
Verso Reviving Face Masks
Verso Reviving Eye Masks

I have also tested out their Reviving Eye Masks which are also individually packaged and come in a pack of 4. I’m a newbie to eye masks and I think they are a godsend for those who suffer from dark circles, lack of sleep or puffiness in general. I always keep mine in the fridge so they are nice and refreshing to use. These eye masks promise to plump the under eye area and contain ingredients such as brightening grapefruit extract and ceramide to strengthen the delicate skin under the eyes. These eye masks would definitely come in handy when you have pulled an all nighter or are just looking a little tired and defeated.

The eye masks come as a gel like pad and look like tadpoles really(!) – I left mine on for around 20 minutes. Upon removal the liquid in the mask had dried up and my under eye area definitely felt hydrated and cool. I didn’t notice a huge difference in terms of results, so I was left a little disappointed to be fair. These eye masks retails for £40 for 4 which works out £10 per mask. Again it’s definitely a pricey splurdge and for me personally, I didn’t see enough of a difference to justify the spend.

Overall there was definitely a more noticeable result with the sheet mask and my skin felt and looked plump even the next morning- if you want to splash out on a luxury skincare product then these may be for you. I also feel like this would be great for older skin with the added anti-ageing and Vitamin A ingredients. I was only sent one of each to try out so I can’t really tell you the long term benefits, but based on first impressions I enjoyed the face mask. The eye mask wasn’t as immediately impressive, but might work better long term or for someone with a different skin type to me.

You can find the full range of Verso Masks to order online here

Have you tried Verso Skincare before? What are your thoughts on these?

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