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Ulta3 Illuminating Foundation Review and More by Jessica Cooke

21 Jul 2015

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Ulta3 Illuminating Foundation Review by Jessica Cooke (plus Ulta3 CC Cream, Concealer and Liquid Eyeliner).

Ulta3 Illuminating Foundation, CC Cream, Concealer & Eyeliner Review

Hi all, today I’m showing you my products from Ulta 3 that I have purchased. I purchased the illuminating foundation, their cc cream, concealer and liquid eye liner, I am amazed by all except one product. I didn’t like the cc cream. It made my skin look ashy and it had a weird undertone to it. However the eye liner, foundation and concealer are amazing. Especially for their price point, all under $9 in Australia.

The foundation provides very good coverage but is really flawless on the skin. The concealer is creamy, and the eye liner I am floored by because its the most pigmented felt tip eye liner I have come across.

Ulta3 Illuminating Foundation Review

The cc cream however was a bust, in my opinion, it was just an odd colour and I didn’t like how it made my skin look when on.

Ulta3 CC Cream Review

The cc cream swatch is the top one nearest my hand,

Ulta3 Concealer

The concealer is super creamy and very good coverage. I was quite surprised by this one.

Ulta3 Felt Tip Eyeliner

The felt tip on this is so fluid and pigmented, I was super impressed! Have you tried anything from Ulta3 lately?


Find out more about Ulta3 here. Ulta3 launches in Primark here in the UK this summer.

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