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Timothy Dunn London Votive Collection Review

21 Dec 2016

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The Arabian Fig candle from Timothy Dunn was one of my first candle loves back when I was lucky enough to review it in 2012. I actually managed to eek it out for three years! Now I am so happy to have it back in my life in this brand new collection! Check out the beautiful Timothy Dunn London Votive Collection!

Timothy Dunn London Votive Collection Review
Timothy Dunn London Votive Collection Review

This limited edition box holds a trio of fragrant delights in the cutest yet very substantial travel size votive candles.

Timothy Dunn London Votive Collection Review
Timothy Dunn London Votive Collection Review

Timothy Dunn is a brand for a true high end candle junkie. The scents are amazing, the burn time is exceptional and hot scent throw is outstanding. These are serious candles!

Timothy Dunn London Votive Collection Contents

Timothy Dunn London Votive Collection Review
Timothy Dunn London Votive Collection Review
  • Violette de Lune – Neroli & Wild Jasmine votive 70g
  • Arabian Fig – Wild Fig & Cashmere Wood votive 70g
  • Samarkand – Suede Musk & Patchouli votive 70g

Arabian Fig

Now I am already obsessed with Arabian Fig. Fig is a favourite scent of mine and this is a beautifully warm and luxurious take on it, blended with basil, clove and frankincense. It has top notes of cassis, rose and jasmine with base notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and musk. It is heavenly. This is my first time meeting the other two scents, Violette de Lune and Samarkand.

Violette de Lune

Violette de Lune is Timothy Dunn’s signature candle and, oh my goodness, it is amazing. I haven’t even burnt it yet but I literally cannot wait because it’s so good. I cannot stop smelling it! It is inspired by bustling Marrakesh and features amber woods, musks, sandalwood and patchouli. There’s also cassis and dark violet, red tea, wild jasmine and the softest hint of dark chocolate. It is honestly incredible.


This is going to start sounding repetive, but Samarkand is absolutely amazing too. I think it may actually be my favourite of the three. It uses Bergamot which is up there with my favourite notes because I find it so uplifting. This scent has a spicy, sensual woodiness with creamy Madagascan vanilla and suede musks, plus cardamom, ginger, cinnamon and clove. The soft base has frankincense, patchouli and vetiver and is warming and comforting. Love it!

Timothy Dunn London Votive Collection Review
Timothy Dunn London Votive Collection Review

As I said, it’s the most stunning trio. I won’t go on about it anymore because there’s always a point when the gushing is too much, and I think I passed that point quite a while ago! Sorry.

The Timothy Dunn London Votive Collection is an absolute treat. FIND IT HERE. It is £60 and worth every penny as each candle promises 15-20 hours burn time. At the moment, you get a free home candle worth £36 when you buy two candles and as far as I can tell, the Votive set qualifies.  If you like luxury candles and beautiful scents, you will truly adore this set. I absolutely guarantee it. It’s a perfect introduction to a beautiful brand. What’s also lovely, is that it’s a family run business and everyone is incredibly passionate about delivering the highest quality candles and home scents.  Enough gushing now…



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