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Three Beauty Tips For Beating The Winter Blues

11 Feb 2017 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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We’re so close to spring now that I can practically smell the daffodils! However, sadly I think we have a few more weeks of miserable weather, whilst we wait for winter to say it’s final goodbyes. I personally have my birthday in January, so I don’t get the standard “January Blues”, instead it hits me in February and I just find myself feeling a little bit meh.

Instead of letting winter get the better of us, there are some things we can do to embrace the blues and get through this depressing period!

Tip one: add a new colour to your hair

When you’re feeling a bit low, a new haircut or new colour can give you a new lease of life! If you’re feeling really bold, you could inject a little bit of blue into your hair. The Knight & Wilson Colour Freedom Hair Colours allow you to try something new and bold, without the pressure of keeping the colour for several weeks. If blue isn’t your shade, there are actually 14 different colours available – from pretty pinks to electric indigo! If dyeing your hair still feels a little bit bold, you could try using the Instant Colour Hairspray in ‘blue blast’. A quick spritz of this will give you a lovely blue hue and you simply wash it out when your done!

Tip two: switch up your makeup

Another great way to embrace the blues, is to add it into your makeup! Try using the Xtreme Liquid Eyeliner from GOSH in Turquoise, along the top of your eyelids. Simply add a thin line on top of any eyeshadow look and you’re good to go. It’s great way to add an extra dimension to your makeup and it will definitely catch some attention! If you’re not confident enough to embrace blue on your eyes, I love these blue Makeup Sponges by Studio London. They are so cute and a good handy size for blending in your concealer, or liquid highlighter!

Tip three: give your hands a makeover

Our hands are one of the areas of our body that suffer the most in winter! They are exposed to the cold wind, rain and snow, plus they are in and out of gloves for months on end. One way to prepare yourself for spring, is to give your hands a bit of a makeover. Start using a hand cream (like Superdrug’s Intensive Moisture Hand Cream) twice a day, so they start to feel more plump. You could even treat yourself to a new manicure, Superdrug’s Fashion Nails only cost £2.99 and are available in 27 different colours. The ‘Short Stiletto Nails in Ink Blue’ fit perfectly to our winter blue theme and will look fabulous whatever the occasion!

I hope you enjoyed these three quick tips to help you beat the winter blues! I’d love to hear about your favourite tips in the comments below!

Stephanie xxx

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