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Suqqu AW16 Makeup Collection

27 Aug 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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I don’t know about you but I’m done with this wishy washy Summer. Bring on Autumn and all its beautiful cosy jumpers and hot chocolate, but mainly the makeup! I love all things Autumnal when it comes to make up; dark vampy nails and red lips perfectly suit my porcelain complexion. So I was thrilled to be asked to try out the Suqqu A/W 2016 makeup collection.

Suqqu A/W 2016 makeup collection
Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup Collection

Suqqu, if you’re not familiar with the brand, are a prestigious Japanese make up brand beloved by make up artists such as Lisa Eldridge. They are champions of barely there beauty. 

The Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup takes its inspiration from one of the most ancient colours that exists in the Japanese language. “Aka” comes from the character for “bright” and represents the vitality of the sun. The collection focuses on revitalising the natural red undertone in our skin that dulls over time.

The range includes lipsticks, blushers, cream shadow souffles, eyeshadow quads, gel eyeliner pencils and nail polish. I was sent a range of products to sample and it was a great introduction to the brand.

Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup Collection
Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup Collection Packaging

The packaging on all the products is divine. Streamlined black with gold accents. This makes all of the products perfect for your daily make up bag or for travel. The products look luxurious and prestigious without being ostentatious.

Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup – Suqqu Extra Glow Lipsticks

Suqqu Extra Glow Lipsticks contain a blend of 7 oils to achieve the signature juicy lip Suqqu are known for. All are pigmented apart from two sheer balm like shades which are EX-01 and EX-02. I was sent one of the sheer and two of the pigmented lipsticks to try out of the 12 shades available.

Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup Lipstick
Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup – Mitsuichigo Lipstick

EX-01 Mitsuichigo is a beautiful pink. Described by Suqqu as a nude, this is perfect for everyday wear. I have been wearing this to work as it’s the more subtle of the three. It gives my lips a beautiful wet look to them and is nicely hydrating as well.

Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup
Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup – Syunake Lipstick

07 Syunake is a true Autumn blue based red. Pigmentation is amazing and this made my teeth look slightly whiter too. Application from the bullet was fine but I do prefer a lip brush for more bold colours personally.

Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup
Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup – Haebana Lipstick

10 Haebana is described as a pink red and is a great colour to transition from Summer to Autumn or for those who don’t feel brave enough to try a full red. Application was smooth and glided onto my lips and didn’t feel dry at all.

Wear time on all three was good. They aren’t marketed as long wear and obviously eating and drinking will require re-application. To be honest though the packaging is so beautiful I was more than happy to whip these out in public. Find them here

Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup – Suqqu Pure Colour Blush

Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup Collection Pure Blush
Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup Collection Pure Blush

The new Pure Colour Blush from Suqqu have graduated tones that fade from a subtle glow to a deeper, more intense colour. The blushers also contain a small amount of oil for a smooth finish and an amino coating to the pigment to achieve a dewy finish. The aim is to give a natural flush of colour rather than a visible blusher effect.

For myself, suffering from Acne Roseacea, this is perfect. There are days where my skin won’t co-operate with foundation and concealer so a more natural look is needed, but my skin still needs a lift.

Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup Collection Pure Blush 01
Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup Collection Pure Blush 01

I was sent 01 and 03 to try. 01 is a Pink to Coral and 03 is a Red to Coral. Suqqu recommend either swirling your brush across the whole palette or singling out shades.

Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup Collection Pure Blush 05
Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup Collection Pure Blush 03

I wasn’t expecting to like the bold 03 on my skin due to my Roseacea but this is actually my favourite of the two. I looked like I had a beautiful flush, similar to that flush we get when we find ourselves around that special someone we have a crush on. 01 is also exceptionally natural when applied and I plan on taking this away to my friend’s wedding as paired with the EX-01 extra glow lipstick this will be the ideal wedding make up look when combined with a subtle smokey eye.

Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup – Suqqu Blend Colour Eyeshadow EX-32

Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup - Eyeshadow
Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup – Eyeshadow

This is a limited edition eyeshadow quad with all four colours containing varying levels of red. There are three shimmers and one matte shade.

I love this palette!!

If like me you stalk certain hashtags on Instagram, Suqqu have been releasing images of this palette for a few weeks and I knew I would need it.  If I hadn’t been fortunate enough to have been gifted the EX-32 I would have ordered it as it’s that beautiful.

The pigmentation and formula are all spot on. Having not tried Suqqu shadows before I cannot say if this is the same across the board. But if their other shadows are like this then heaven help me I need them all! – I’ll just say sorry now to my bank manager.

suqqu eye swatches

Suqqu Blend Colour Eyeshadow Shades

The shades don’t have individual names but going from lightest to darkest;

Shade 1 is a creamy golden delight. Ree will love this as if you see her Snapchat or Instagram stories she often rocks a one shadow gold lid. It’s too pigmented for an under brow highlight but would be a great inner eye highlight or all over lid colour.

Shade 2 is a golden olive green shade. I’ve been wearing this as a lid colour to work for most of the last week and it really enhances my brown eyes, but will be beautiful on anyone.

Shade 3 is the most bold and daring. It’s described by Suqqu as a brick red. I don’t feel that does this shade justice as in reality it is burgundy, coppery beautifulness in a shadow. I did wear this to work slightly apprehensively as I tend to stick with more neutral colours. I received several compliments on the shade and how it complimented my eyes.

Shade 4 is the only matte of the four. It’s a milk chocolate brown with a creamy feel despite being matte. I’ve been using this with a light hand, in my crease and as a liner.  I haven’t tried applying with a wet brush as don’t want to ruin the formula but it’s very pigmented so I have achieved a natural liner with a dry brush.

The quad also contains a sponge and a small double ended brush. One end being a lid sized brush head and the other a smaller, more tapered head. The applicators in most eye shadow palettes, as I’ve mentioned before, are usually something I ignore. But I did actually quite like these brushes, especially the tapered end for tidying up on the lid where liner or mascara strayed or for applying inner corner highlight.

Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup – Suqqu Nail Colour

These limited edition nail colours are said to provide full creamy pigment in one application. I love all the berry toned nail colours so this range was almost made for me.

Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup
Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup – Ex17 Nail Polish

EX-17 is a deep rouge. I’ve said before how much Victoria by Nails Inc is my perfect shade for AW. EX-17 is very similar to that. It’s a sheer so unless you apply 3 coats or more you will see a visible nail line. This beautiful cherry red is going to be well loved by me this season.

Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup
Suqqu A/W 2016 Makeup – EX-18 Nail Polish

EX-18 is described as a clear blood red. I would say this is more similar to a brick red as it does seem to have a more orange base to it. However you describe it, the colour is lovely. This polish was opaque so great for those who don’t feel as confident in application. Opaque colours are easier for less experienced people to use as mistakes aren’t as visible.

The brush is a medium tapered brush. If I was to try to compare it I’d say it was similar to the OPI pro-wide or Nails inc new style but a little smaller. Wear time for me was good as no polish lasts more than 2-3 days as I have a job that’s hard on my hands.

The new AW16 Suqqu range is certainly worth considering for those looking to treat themselves to some professional quality, beautifully pigmented make up.  

You can find Suqqu Makeup to order online HERE

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