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11 Nov 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Ok. Here we go! The above highly ‘eloquent’ quote was taken from a recent anonymous comment on a blog post where I was showing off my new Fairisle headband.
Now that I have stopped giggling about it, (and I have to admit it did make me laugh because the person that wrote it is so clearly shouty and angry with me) I thought I would use it as an opportunity to discuss an age issue which exists around this funny ol’ thing we call blogging.
This isn’t the first time that Anon has shown his/her distaste at my persistence in updating ReallyRee. On several occasions she has urged me to ‘leave blogging to the youngsters and get the hell off the internet’ and I have ignored her bitter words and blogged on.
I believe that the more we age, the more information we need on skincare, makeup and clothing, not less. As I have aged, I’ve had to work harder and harder on my appearance and this is the information that I share. Many things are a lot easier when you’re younger – you don’t have to worry whether heavy eye makeup adds years to you, if more foundation emphasises the lines and wrinkles, if a particular anti-ageing cream does what it says on the tin and whether you can pull off a fashion trend modelled by lithe, young beauties on the catwalk. And we are all getting older, that’s guaranteed! 
The ageing process presents a whole host of beauty and fashion questions that I  am dealing with for the first time, and I find lots of help from blogs that tackle these issues and, in turn, I offer out my take on them.
Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of worries to be dealt with in your teens and twenties and luckily there are a plenty of blogs out there that address those issues. Incidentally, I love those blogs as well and find things in them as relevant to me now as I would have done years ago. I read them all the time.
Let’s not forget, most of the topics we blog about have absolutely nothing to do with age at all! Nothing. For me, it’s about gorgeous beauty or fashion that I love. I genuinely believe that blogging is something that absolutely anyone with interests can do. Anyone. Because:
  • You don’t have to look a certain way
  • You don’t have to be a computer whizz
  • You don’t need loads of expensive equipment
  • You don’t particularly need a good grasp of written language and grammar
  • You don’t even really need readers 
You just need the desire to share your ideas and images on things you care about, and the ability to communicate them, however and whenever you like. Although blogging can be about what you look like, it is very much about your thoughts and feelings too – the inside counts as much as the outside. Surely we can never get too old to have an opinion?
And there is room for everyone, however young or old – the internet is a very big place. Obviously, in these times when we are starting to see people finally being financially rewarded for all their hard work, and in some cases actually making a proper living out of it (something I am lucky enough to be able to say right now), it is starting to get more competitive. Luckily there are a lot of brands out there, and we represent a whole range of different customer profiles that present endless possibilities for collaborative work – so we can put the daggers away.
If we want blogging to be our jobs, then we must expect a level of competition, just like any other industry and any other profession. There are no free rides here – if you want to maintain your position, it involves hard work and lots of it. It is not about age but desire, energy and ambition.
I think I’ll stop blogging when I no longer have the energy or desire to put the level of commitment into blogging on ReallyRee – when a new lipstick, nail polish or lotion doesn’t quite excite me like it used to or I can’t be bothered to take photos with foundation on only one side of my face! That’s when. It won’t be because I am too old or because someone has told me I am too old. It will be because I want to stop. Simple.
So to you Anon, I say, no-one is too old, or too young to blog. It isn’t possible because it belongs to us and we make the rules. Your problem is that you actually love me and just don’t know how to tell me. It’s OK. I understand.
And so, people of the internet, what do you think? Does age, or someone else’s opinion about your age, discourage you from doing anything you want to do?

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44 thoughts on “STOP BLOGGING YOU’RE TOO OLD!!!

  1. Glad you’re ignoring ‘anon’ and continuing to blog, as a fellow ‘old’ woman I enjoy reading your blog as I feel it is relevant to me, the Internet/fashion/makeup etc is not age restricted!!!

  2. Glad you’re ignoring ‘anon’ and continuing to blog, as a fellow ‘old’ woman I enjoy reading your blog as I feel it is relevant to me, the Internet/fashion/makeup etc is not age restricted!!!

  3. the person writing it sounds really weird!? They obviously like your blog to be reading it and following you in some way.. also you do not look old at all, which makes me think they must be a tween with rage issues.

    1. I’m inclined to think the same thing.

      I particularly enjoy the blog for precisely the reason that you are a little older than many other fashion and beauty bloggers, Ree. No one is forced to read anything they don’t want to and, when it comes to the net, there really is space for all xxx

  4. Good for you for dishing the ultimate comeback to your ‘anon’ in the most proffessional and dignified manner… Not sure I would have been able to do the same! I couldn’t agree more with everything you have said… Blogging us about personal opinion and personal style and nothing to do with age! Great post! Xx

  5. Of course you nor anyone else older than the stereotypical blogger is too old to blog! You have a slightly different take on things because as you said, as you ‘age’ your skin, tastes and journey in life changes. There is a world of people out there reading your blog that would be thankful to you for giving your advice/opinions on things that may suit older people. You do appeal to a younger audiene too. There are really no rules to blogging, it’s you’re own space to express what you love πŸ™‚ x

  6. Go Ree! My only quibble with what you’ve written is if someone wants to blog and they don’t have a good grasp of written English then at least they need to use spellcheck! I have stopped following blogs which are badly spelt as they drive me mad.

    Passion is amazing and can’t be learnt but brands aren’t going to want to work with bloggers who can’t present their passion in a professional manner. After all there is a big difference between knowing your shit as compared to knowing you’re shit!

    That said, I don’t believe that there is an age limit on blogging and sometimes prefer blogs written by older bloggers who have more life experience. So ignore Anon, I respect your opinion because you’ve had a chance to work out what works and doesn’t work for you and aren’t afraid to say it.

    1. Thank you! In terms of the grammar issue this was really more about blogging as a hobby rather than working with brands. Blogging just because it makes you happy. I don’t think it needs to be perfect then, just a personal outlet. For brands, you are totally right.


    2. Hi Ree!
      I have just found your blog because I specifically googled “older blogger”.
      I work for a big cosmetics company and I also read other blogs, but I trust somebody a bit older to know what is good for my skin (I am 34).
      How horrible this girl is and totally wrong. We need older bloggers! I have nothing against younger bloggers, but i know that you will have dilemmmas that I can relate to.
      Please keep blogging, bloggers in their twenties are soooo common but older bloggers have a lot to offer!

  7. Great post Ree and good for you turning something negative into something positive. There shouldn’t be an age limit and to be fair as a ‘youngster’ we can look to our ‘elders’ for advice on beauty, fashion and life- you know what worked in teens and 20s and what didn’t. Keep blogging. L xx

  8. Great post, I sometimes feel I’m surounded by youngsters but there is space for everyone espically the ones with more ‘experiance’. ‘Anon’ is clearly showing a lack of this. Keep it going xx

  9. Well as one of the oldest beauty bloggers on the block I have to say that I have had moments when I have thought I’m positively prehistoric and need to leave this blogging lark to the youngsters, but then I realised a lot of my readers are more mature women, although I’m happy that I have some readers that are younger than some of my children, the products that I use and review are aimed at older women. I feel that I have a valid place in the beauty blogging world and I intend to carry on whilst I have readers who are interested in what I have to say. As for you Miss Ree, you are a beautiful young woman and I think this fact really irks your number 1 anon fan. keep up the fabulous work πŸ™‚ Jude xx @jadlgw

  10. Good Lord, the person who wrote that comment is really not deserving of a whole blog post. I started blogging this year at the ripe old age of 40 and I refuse to concern myself with the age thing. I believe if you have good content you will find your audience. Age doesn’t come into it that much. Certainly, I visit blogs written by people of various ages.

  11. Oh man really, WOW. I was worried when I started my blog last year that maybe I was too old (I turned 30 this year) but after starting I discovered wonderful blogs and met many lovely bloggers of all ages and realized it doesnt matter how old you may be. If your passionate about some thing and you want to share it then go ahead.
    Sara xx

  12. A very good point well made. With age comes experience and wisdom, it’s all well and good having an army of amateurs blogging but it’s nice to have those with a little more expertise leading the way for us and showing us how it’s done. Thank you for being one of those people!

  13. You make some very good points – well rebutted!

    I do think age is relevant to being a blogger, but only in terms of reader demographic. It does seem that a large majority of people who spend time reading blogs are in their teens or early 20’s, so it might be easier for a younger blogger to build a reader base. But then again if you’re trying to make a blog into a business wouldn’t you want a more mature reader demographic, who would have the disposable income to buy what your sponsors are selling? Those readers would obviously prefer to take beauty advice from someone in their age group, who, as you say, offers age appropriate beauty information. So to me there’s also a question of whether you can be too YOUNG to be a legit blogger!

    I agree that definitely age is more of a risk for bloggers who are more about what they look like than what they write about (I might be in this category D: ). I imagine these bloggers would have to think of a transition strategy for when good looks inevitably expire!

    Anyway I love your blog. It’s obvious that that Anon just can’t find anything real to criticize you about!

  14. I often think that I’m too old, I am loving my blog more and more everyday. In all honesty, I read a blog written by a teenager almost everyday because of her classic style. I just take it and adapt it for my age. I also love the ladies from Advanced Style. I say blog to your heart’s content because haters gonna hate. And, jealousy is so unbecoming.

  15. Hi Ree I’m in my late 30’s and wish there more Bloggers around my age. Like you I read blogs written by all ages but I especially love ones by my age group as the skincare, makeup and fashion is usually more relevant to me and my skin. I enjoy your blog and hope you continue. Heather x

  16. Great post! Love it! As someone who started blogging in her forties because at the time there wasn’t really anybody out there talking about fashion in this age group, I am so glad you have stuck up for us oldies! I am the same as you, will only give up when I have had enough and not because of any haters. Older women need to know there is nothing wrong with still being a product junkie or a fashion fiend no matter what your age! x

  17. I love your blog Ree! Time will catch up with all of us eventually, but if there’s anything we can do to help slow down it’s effects i’m all for hearing about it. You have some great post’s with helpful advice and opinions, fashion and beauty should be aimed at everyone, not just the youngsters. I hope you’re still blogging into your 40’s 50’s 60’s……….

  18. I love your blog Ree! Time will catch up with all of us eventually, but if there’s anything we can do to help slow down it’s effects i’m all for hearing about it. You have some great post’s with helpful advice and opinions, fashion and beauty should be aimed at everyone, not just the youngsters. I hope you’re still blogging into your 40’s 50’s 60’s……….

  19. Oh for goodness sakes. Blog on whatever your age! Different bloggers attract different reasderships, partly based on age but mostly based on style and content. Personally I’ve found myself reading more bloggers age 25+ lately simply because that’s the demographic I identify with. And like you say, we aren’t getting any younger! I’m more likely to learn from a skin care review from someone my age or older than I am a 16 year old. (not to say that younger people shouldn’t blog either mind!)

  20. I’ve got a hating anon at the moment, it’s so annoying, but ultimately, I hit delete on the comments, who cares?

    You and I are the same age so of course I agree with you, but you know what? I bet your anon doesn’t care about your age really, if it wasn’t that, they’d find something else to be vile about, because their real problem isn’t your age, it’s jealousy x

  21. What a load of rubbish! That comment was so rude, I’m glad you took it in your stride. I completely agree with you. I’m 35 soon and need skincare and makeup advice more than ever. Keep on blogging, we need you!

  22. what the heck?? wow what a rude douchebag with no idea what they are talking about…so should bloggers only be 18? people from teens to the ancient age of 25 and above need and want beauty advice. don’t pay them any mind as you clearly aren’t πŸ™‚

  23. The other thing is, blogging is a fairly new phenomenon so all the people who started blogging or reading blogs in their early 20’s are getting older and maybe changing their perspective on things, I think it’s important for a reader to connect and writing about things that are relevent to them is the way to do this so well done and keep blogging. Anon nasty comments are so petty and weird.

  24. Another mid 30’s girl here and I completely agree – my needs are so much more than when I was in my teens/early 20’s. FWIW you are a stunningly gorgeously lady and I wouldn’t have a clue of your age nor do I care, I read blogs due to content and how it is presented/well written and I love your blog xx

  25. Brilliant post Ree! It is such a shame that you need to write such a post to justify yourself to narrow minded people though πŸ™ I will never understand why people like ‘Anon’ take time from their lives to read things that they aren’t happy with for whatever reason, and then feel the need to send nasty messages – so pathetic!

    Keep doing what you are doing, and rest assured, you have a very local army of fans who literally can not wait for you next blog! xx

  26. You are all so absolutely amazing. Thank you all so much for your support. It really does mean sooooo much.

    Thank you for reading and commenting. You make me smile!!

    lots of love


  27. This post really resonated with me! I’ve been amazed by how many people (Including PRs/Clients) have asked when i will be stopping blogging/switching to a mummy blog since I got pregnant: like you have to be young and single to write about fashion!

    You’re never too old to do what you love -and I love reading your blog!

  28. I think your brilliant. I think the age question has long needed to be addressed. There appears to be a similar problem on You Tube, where i have seen nasty , vile and angry comments left for vloggers over 30. Its so sad that young women has being raised to think this way.

  29. Hi,

    I’ve just started reading your blog and I think it’s fantastic. I’m 21 if that is any way important and still find your blog relevant and interesting. Surely the whole point of beauty blogs is a move away from airbrushed ideals towards real women in the real word! It’s sad that your Anon is protesting against this.

  30. Yes!
    Thank you!
    As a fellow woman in her 30s, I wish there were more beauty bloggers in their 30s and beyond. There’s a few, but we need more!
    I have nothing against bloggers in their 20s, but when it comes to skincare,makeup and style, I want to follow bloggers who I have more in common with, especially when it comes to Skincare. My needs and goals have changed for sure. Actually, my friends and I were talking, and there is a need to see more bloggers who aren’t teens and 20 somethings! That’s why I started mine:), and I’m so glad I came across yours. I actually found it while googling beauty bloggers in their 30s! xo

  31. Love your attitude! I’ve begun to follow your blog a decade ago and you still never have disappointed me. I appreciate the fact that you are enough experienced an have lived enough long to notice that life is worth living, also when you are 35-45-55… Same age beauty blogger is always worth following, so the information and experience is much more relevant to your own.
    Heap up and go forward!

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