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Spring Cleaning With Elemental Herbology Cleansers

27 Apr 2017 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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We all get into a habit of using the same thing over and over again and lately looking at my skincare stash I was itching to try something new. I also felt it was time to update my cleansing game since the weather has picked up.

During the warmer months my skin tends to ease itself back to normality and become more normal/combination. It’s a love hate thing because in the winter my skin is so dry and I just slather on a tonne of moisturiser but in the warmer months I switch to slightly lighter textures to cater for my combination skin. In the past couple of weeks I have been playing with two new Elemental Herbology cleansers and I have to say I am really impressed. Here’s my thoughts on them…

Elemental Herbology Cleansers
Elemental Herbology Cleansers

Elemental Herbology Cleansers – Cool and Clear Cleanser

I have been using this Cool and Clear Cleanser in the past couple of weeks using it day and night and it has been working incredibly well. This is a foaming face wash which I prefer in the warmer months, with a blend of essential oils and lavender.  I love the fragrance which smells really soothing. I really like the pump applicator and I take around two pumps to create a gentle lather and massage it all over before removing it with a flannel. This leaves my skin feeling cleansed and perfect for spring as it is designed to regulate more oily/combination skin. Another plus I found with this cleanser was that it helped to minimise any enlarged pores giving skin a really cleansed and soft touch. Find it here

Elemental Herbology Cleansers- Harmonising Cleansing Oil

Another Cleanser I have been playing with is the Harmonising Cleansing Oil. I’m such a huge fan of oil cleansers. I primarily use them to remove my makeup and this works really well. I love the grapefruit scent as its super refreshing and usually after a day of work I am exhausted so this wakes me up slightly. I can also see it being great to use in the mornings. I take 2-3 pumps and massage it all over then wait a few minutes before mixing it with water and removing. This cleanser doesn’t feel at all greasy considering it’s an oil if that makes any sense compared to other oils I have tried in the past. The consistency of the oil is also really lovely and my skin feels super soft with all makeup removed in the evening using this. Again with this cleanser it has the same pump system which I love and the packaging just looks chic and reminds me of a test tube in a science lab. Find it here

Elemental Herbology Cleansers
Elemental Herbology Cleansers

Overall I am really enjoying this new duo especially for the warmer months where my skin goes a little more combination. I think these cleansers are really good. The Cool and Clear Cleanser would be great for combination/oily skins and the oil is good for all skin types. I would highly recommend this brand. Find them here

Have you tried these cleansers before?

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