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Simple Contouring Burberry Glow

18 Nov 2014 (Updated: 19 Nov 2014)

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I think I have finally found a simple contouring routine, and it’s down to some gorgeous products I have been using from Burberry but, in all fairness, I cannot contour to save my life. So don’t expect to be blown away but this is my simple contouring Burberry glow!

Simple Contouring Burberry Glow

I wish I could because I think my face could really benefit from a few additional highs and lows, but I’m just not good. No matter how many times a true expert and artist really tries to show me, I can never translate it on to my face when I try it for myself at home.

Why Can’t I Contour?

I’ve wondered about this long and hard, and I think it’s because I lack any degree of objectivity when I look at my face. A makeup artist can see the natural contours of my face (if they look really hard!) but all I can see is my face! The same face I have been staring at for years and years trying to work out how to contour it!!

Still hopeless! Anyway, I always try to give it a little go and sometimes it kind of works and I look a bit more ‘sculpted’ (although that is far too ambitious a word!). And sometimes it just goes wrong and I look kind of muddy and wonky. That’s a fail. Not even with a hashtag.

But recently I have found a little routine that isn’t quite contouring masterpiece-worthy, but it isn’t a total fail and I am feeling fairly content with it (ish).

Simple Contouring Burberry Glow

Simple Contouring Burberry Glow Routine

So I have been playing with the Burberry Light Glow Blush in Earthy which was used at LFW and realised that it was pretty much my perfect contour shade. It encouraged me to have another go!

Simple Contouring Burberry Light Glow Blush – Earthy 07

I just use the brush that comes with it to draw a soft line under my cheekbones, around my hairline and under my jawbone…

Simple Contouring Burberry Light Glow Blush – Earthy 07

…and then buff it in and uppwards with my Zoeva Sheer Luxe Cheek Brush.

Simple Contouring Burberry Light Glow Blush – Earthy 07

Next I go in with my Burberry Bronzer in Summer Glow 04 with a fluffy brush.

Simple Contouring Burberry Summer Glow 04

I use it above where I have contoured to add warmth to my complexion and a bit shape so that it’s not all flat.

Simple Contouring Burberry Summer Glow 04

Finally more Burberry and it’s the Fresh Glow Powder in Gold 02.

Simple Contouring Burberry Fresh Glow Gold 02

I literally just dust this over my cheekbones to give a soft highlight.

Simple Contouring Burberry Fresh Glow Gold 02

So far this has been working quite well and I’ve had a few compliments on my glowy skin – not necessarily on my contouring but I am taking that as a compliment!! Don’t they always say that you should get compliments on your skin, not your makeup! Well I am clinging to that!!

I don’t think I’ll ever be a pro at this kind of thing but right now, my simple contouring routine Burberry glow is working for me! I have been using these Burberry products every day for about 2 months and I am utterly obsessed. It’s all about the glow with Burberry.  You can find them at John Lewis.



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6 thoughts on “Simple Contouring Burberry Glow

  1. These look fab! Your skin is just positively glowing going to check them at John Lewis this week.. Can I ask what foundation you are wearing?? Your skin looks flawless even before the Burberry products lol… Me want some of that!! x

    1. thank you!! That foundation is amazing! I am not actually allowed to talk about it until January as it is under embargo but please do stay tuned! xxx

  2. Hi! Did you ever reveal what foundation this was? For some reason I can’t figure out the date of this post and I’m dying to know what it is, your skin looks wonderful. Thanks!!

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