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Shine On and Colour Restore from Scott Cornwall and KMI. The Home Ombre?

15 May 2012 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Last week I met up with hair expert Scott Cornwall to find out his collaboration with KMI brands using the latest technology to bring really innovative salon quality products to the home haircare market.
Home Colour Range from Scott Cornwall and KMI
Home Colour Range from Scott Cornwall and KMI
KMI Brands are launching four new cutting edge lines: 

home_ombre from Scott Cornwall and KMI
Shine On and Colour Restore from Scott Cornwall and KMI

Shine Onthe first home clear colour glazing treatment, which promises serious hair at home Hollywood style! It’s enriched with collagen for super shine and will last for 24 washes. 
It can be used on any hair type or colour, natural and artificial. It is really conditioning. It does not affect colour it just add bucket loads of shine, so will be great for all hair types including all ethnicities. It takes just 20 minutes to apply and includes a super effective clarifier to remove product build-up and allow the glaze to take. I have a sample and I cannot wait to try it! I will report back as soon as I have.
Shine On from Scott Cornwall and KMI
Shine On from Scott Cornwall and KMI

Colour Restore: a range of colour restoration products to help restore the vibrancy of freshly coloured hair. There are three Colour Restore products: Cool Ash, Deep Red and Iced Platinum. I have the Cool Ash is the Anti Orange Hair Infusion and I am planning to use it to balance out some of the warmth (ginger!!) in my hair.

Scott Cornwall describes it as a cross between semi permanent colour and a colour enhancing product. The Cool Ash is stronger than the silver shampoos that we use to banish brassiness. It works to neutralise colour and has a cumulative effect. It doesn’t actually remove the orange, it just hides it. 

You just apply it when your hair is wet (it is good to clarify it first) and you leave it on for approximately 25 minutes. I shall report back on this too!

Decolour Remover: a ultra kind remover product for removing artificial colour, containing no ammonia, bleach or peroxide. This will be great for anyone who’s had a home colour mishap and wants to gently fix it.
Decolour Stripper: a ultra kind remover product which strips both artificial and natural colour pigments in a safe, controlled matter, without compromising the health of the hair.

Decolour Stripper, Decolour Remover and Colour Restore can all be used to create the Ombre  look, if used in the right combination. I will give you more info on that once the products have launched. Exciting hey?

This new range will launch on 21st May into Boots and Boots online, as well as KMI’s own webshop, Prices start at £11.99.
Do these products appeal to you?

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7 thoughts on “Shine On and Colour Restore from Scott Cornwall and KMI. The Home Ombre?

  1. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts once you try these out, I think Shine On looks amazing! Can’t wait to see how they work for Ombre hair too, I want to have a go at that!

  2. DO NOT buy these, you will throw your money away…., well, I did.
    Bought all products, because I was really intent on getting orangy and yellowish tones off my hair. So I bought the Colour Restore cool ash, the Colour Restore Iced Plantinum AND the Decolour Remover. And tried them in that order. The first two did not do ANYTHING, did not even change the tone slightly. The last one just smelled horrible AND did not do anything. Very disappointing. What else is disappointing is also the fact that the hairdresser covers himself by including in the instructions something along these lines: “if you get no result, it means your hair was not lightened enough. Use Decolor Stripper to completely remove artificial and natural color and then these products to give it the tone you want”. Well, this is just stupid. So, in order to get the orange tones out, I have to submit my hair to more artificial lightening products (yes, I know how mild they are!!) get all color off my hair, even my natural shade, and then, AFTER ALL THIS, use these products. Well, that just defeats the purpose, because it’s quicker to go to the hair salon, or buy a darker ash shade to re-color the hair and banish the orange tones without subjecting it to more lightening. The latter is only one product and it’s guaranteed it’ll work. Because, after all this ineffective nonsense that’s what I did. Mr Cornwall should try his products before putting them on the market!!

    Anna, London

  3. I’ve just tried the Cool Ash, hoping it would hide the nasty orangey-yellow tones in my hair. It has had no effect whatsoever. The roots of my hair were very pale yellow so I don’t see how my hair couldn’t have been light enough. £7.99 (reduced from £11.99 in Boots) down the drain. Very disappointing.

  4. i found this page whilst looking for the shine one, my boots doesnt stock it. i just wanted to say i loved the ice platinum and found it did work for me, i regularly bleach my hair and after a while it starts to look a little yellow rather than the white blonde i prefer, i brought this and left it on for 20 minutes rather than the comb thru option, it worked brilliantly and removed all the yellow, it also didnt leave a blue/ purple colour in the hair which i find happens with some anti yellow products. i will buy this product again when my current one runs out

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