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Sephora Smart Liner Review – A Help or Hindrance?

8 Jul 2014

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I have to admit, I am just a tad baffled by the Sephora Smart Liner that I picked up out of curiosity whilst I was in New York last month. I completely have no idea what I think about it. And I definitely can’t decide whether it is make eyelining (always one of my weakest makeup skills) any easier. I am all question marks!! (and exclamation marks) (?). Ok I should get on with!

Sephora Smart Liner Review
Sephora Smart Liner Review

So the design of this liner is supposed to make it foolproof but it took me about 20 minutes just to try and work out how to hold it. I was so confused!! I eventually decided that you are supposed to hold it like this (although I am still not totally sure).

Sephora Smart Liner Review

If I am doing it wrong, please feel free to let me know! Although I did manage to line my eyes with this, I can’t say it was any easier than a pen. In fact, I think I may have found it harder. Although this could be down to a case of old dogs and new tricks if you know what I mean?! I got there in the end.

Sephora Smart Liner Swatch

Sephora Smart Liner Swatch

I quite like the result, but it was a struggle. The pigment is nice and black, and it lasted pretty well but I have quite a few traditional felt tip liners that I prefer.  I feel like I really need to practice with it which, for me, is kind of defeating the object. The ergonomic design is supposed to make application more natural but instead I am having to learn it. Or maybe I am over-thinking it.

As I said, I do like the actual liner – I’d just prefer it if I could straighten out the pen! I have come over all traditionalist which is unusual because I love things that are a bit out of the ordinary!

I’d love to know whether any of you have used the Sephora Smart Liner and find out what you think of it. I have seen quite a few good reviews so I am sure lots of people like it. You can find it here for $14 which is a good price I think, if you get on with it that is!


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