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Say Goodbye To The Stepford Lift

23 Mar 2017 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Think of facelifts, and chances are you’ll think of taut, stretched faces, eyebrows permanently raised and tell-tale scars behind the ears.

That may well be the reason why the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons have reported a  40 per cent drop  in the number of cosmetic surgery procedures.

The past decade has been a seminal one in terms of aesthetics development for maturing.   Women now have safe, affordable access to a much greater, more effective range of anti-ageing treatments that have taken over the need for risky, infection-prone surgery.

This is evidenced in the massive drop of 71% percent of eyebrow lifts, which as journalist Sarah Vine points out is attributed to the infinitely more natural and effective non-surgical alternatives.

Face and neck lifts also saw huge drops (56%), which supports the idea that women are turning away from the knife and instead exploring alternative treatments to support their ageing goals.

I also believe that an increased confidence amongst women, supported by the advertising industries finally starting to portray ‘real’ older women, like Helen Mirren for L’Oreal is playing a part in the decision of women feeling less invisible and more comfortable in our ageing skins.

As the founder Studio10 makeup I’m determined to redefine makeup for women as they age, I passionately believe that that beauty is ageless and that ALL woman shouldn’t lose confidence, feel invisible, or invaluable because of their age.

I also believe that how a woman ages is entirely her choice. The choice to have cosmetic procedures should be entirely down to how you feel you want to look.

Clever use of injectable fillers, Botox, micro-needling, peeling and laser therapy, when done in the hands of an experienced practitioner can take a woman who feels tired and jaded and give her the sort of transformation that used to take weeks of recuperation to achieve.

Of course, it must be said that there is far less legal responsibility around who can and cannot administer non-surgical treatments so women considering this really cannot research their practitioner enough.  It’s critical to understand the results you can realistically achieve – and what balance of treatments you’ll need to get there.

The rise of the blogging industry as something wider than just twenty-year olds in their bedroom has also helped women step back from drastic ageing procedures.

Where women often got stuck in a rut, uncertain how to use makeup to best enhance their maturing features, now, the rise of forty and fifty plus beauty experts willing to share advice on contouring, sculpting and highlighting has made learning the sort of beauty skills once reserved for professionals, accessible and far less intimidating.

The same voices are also leading a shift towards truly effective formulations. As older women find their confidence, they’re also putting pressure on big brands to deliver products that are effective, or risk widespread negative feedback online.

Gone are the years of makeup ranges called ‘mature’ that were just repackaged versions of youth driven ranges. When I formulated our range, we found incredible research into ingredients and formulations that could make a huge difference, especially when coupled with products that were created for a specific, targeted reason. The results are what we call ‘age-perfecting’ makeup, rather than anti-ageing surgeries.

Simply put – women have realised that no knife can help you turn back the clock, but the right balance of treatments can help you enjoy the passing of time with increased confidence in how you look.

Finally, there are the women who have simply decided to rebel completely.  Who have fully embraced the process of ageing as a rite of passage, and ditch all attempts to ‘stop the clock’, including surgery, non-surgical interventions – even makeup and hair dye.

Whilst I’ll be completely honest and say I’m never giving up my rich brown colour, will try Botox, I celebrate and cheer the women who refuse to bow down to societal pressure and are bucking against ageism by utterly refusing to give into it.

Whichever side of the ageing fence you fall upon, the evidence shows that women are no longer as willing to undergo drastic measures to look young and that can only be good for us all.

Grace Fodor

Studio 10



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