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Sanctuary Spa 1 Minute Flash Facial & Revitalising Super Serum

23 Jul 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Sanctuary Spa have made two additions to their Radiance range this July: the Sanctuary Spa 1 Minute Flash Facial and Revitalising Super Serum. Both are designed to address skin tone issues and give you that glow. I have lost my glow thanks to hay fever and house moving stress, so was keen to find it in two small bottles rather than under my desk at work (which seemed more likely).

Sanctuary Spa 1 Minute Flash Facial

Sanctuary Spa 1 Minute Flash Facial
Sanctuary Spa 1 Minute Flash Facial

The Sanctuary Spa 1 Minute Flash Facial (RRP £9.33) is a dead ringer for REN’s Flash Rinse Facial in that it is also a vitamin C packed facial scrub that activates on the face with water. It’s definitely a contender in this new product space.

I particularly like using these scrubs in the shower and leaving them for a minute before rinsing off. In case you never encountered this before, the Sanctuary’s version boasts three kinds of vitamin C all of which aim to address texture and skin tone without being abrasive.

You apply the whipped gel to your dry face and then wet your fingers and massage in. Allegedly, this activates the vitamin C (which includes kakadu plum, the world’s highest source of vitamin C) which sucker punches your skin into action. It smells cracking, packed with essential oils so is a great morning shower boost.

Sanctuary Spa Revitalising Super Serum

revitalising super serum
Sanctuary Spa Revitalising Super Serum & 1 Minute Flash Facial

Onto the Sanctuary Spa Revitalising Super Serum (RRP £11.67) which also contains the popular kakadu plum as well as vitamins E, B3 and grapeseed oil.

This is a lightweight serum that soaks in fast – designed to be used morning and night, though it would be of most benefit in the morning under your SPF. It also smells lovely – one to inhale deeply before you smooth onto your face – and is ideal for under make up.

Of course it’s tricky to talk of long term benefits here, but it promises a glow after 2 weeks, and a reduction in dark spots after 4. That big talk for a small tube. Speaking of the tube, the packaging is very smart and streamlined; a plastic cylinder with a pump at the top to keep the product fresh. Very easy for travel.

Both of these were used on me a few weeks ago when through ReallyRee I was lucky enough to be treated to a facial from Nicola Joss and I came out glowing- read about that experience here.

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