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Rosie Bea For Elegant Touch & Eylure

22 Jul 2016 (Updated: 13 Oct 2019)

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I was so excited when I saw the Rosie Bea for Elegant Touch and Eylure collaboration. Everything in this collection is gorgeous!  If you haven’t heard of Rosie Bea (where have you been?!) she’s a UK YouTuber with 200k subscribers. 

Rosie Bea for Elegant Touch
Rosie Bea for Elegant Touch & Eylure

Rosie has teamed up with Elegant Touch & Eylure to create some gorgeous false lashes and press on nails and I am obsessed with both. I am not usually a false eyelash fan but these may have just converted me. 

Rosie Bea For Eylure Lashes

Rosie Bea For Elegant Touch
Rosie Bea for Eyelure- Flutter, Frolic & Heyday

Eylure lashes are super affordable and feel really comfortable on the lash line. I have been wearing three of the styles from this collection which are all perfect for everyday and don’t even look like I am wearing false lashes in any obvious way. All three pairs of lashes are reusable and inside each box is a lash adhesive.

I really like the lash glue that is included with these lashes from Eylure as it gets tacky quickly and keeps the lashes on all day long.  These lashes fit my eye perfectly but you can trim them to size if needed.
The three styles I have are:

Heyday: lovely and long lashes which are longer on the outter corner

Flutter: Delicate and dainty lashes with an almost invisible lash band

Frolic: Full and fluffy lashes, these have a black lash band

Find them here

Rosie Bea For Elegant Touch Nails

Rosie Bea for elegant touch
Rosie Bea For Elegant Touch Nails

While I love the lashes, I am obsessed with the nail collection. The two styles I have are Truffle and Molten.

The Truffle nails are a gorgeous short and flattering stiletto shape in a stunning dark nude shade which will compliment all skin tones. I am not usually a fan of this nail shape but as it isn’t to a complete point I have been really loving these.

The Molton nails are perfect for summer with a gorgeous marble design with shades of copper, blue and green. These nails are an oval shape which is super wearable. The Molton nails are perfect for summer with the gorgeous bright pops of colour.

Both styles of these nails are long lasting.  When I used the glue included in the box I got around 6 days wear before they started to pop off. They are also really comfortable to wear due to the super-flex technology, while being smudge free and having a chip free finish.

You can find the Rosie Bea Lashes to order online here and the nails to order here

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