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Rituals Advent Calendar

1 Sep 2016 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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If you love Rituals and you get as excited about advent calendars as I do, then here’s something that will set your heart racing. For Christmas 2016 Rituals are releasing their very first Advent Calendar -and it’s amazing! So, without further ado let’s take a look at the Rituals Advent Calendar 2016!

Rituals Advent Calendar 2016
Rituals Advent Calendar 2016

Aptly named ‘The Ritual Of Advent, Countdown To Christmas’ the Rituals advent calendar comes in an enormous box, tied up with a ribbon. It would make a perfect pre-Christmas gift to someone you really love, or alternatively for yourself if you can’t bear the thought of not keeping it.

If you’re someone that likes to open your advent calendar doors not knowing what’s behind them you should stop reading now. Suffice to say that there are 24 treats from Rituals covering the full spectrum of fragrance, home, beauty and bath.

If, however, you like to weigh up the contents of an advent calendar before you decide whether to purchase, read on!  I have the full details of exactly what you can expect to find behind each and every door this December.

Rituals Advent Calendar 2016
Rituals Advent Calendar 2016 – Sneak Peek!

Rituals Advent Calendar 2016 Contents:

  1. Miracle Mascara 4ml
  2. Limited edition winter perfume 10ml
  3. Fortune Oil 20ml
  4. Boutique line bath and shower gel 30ml
  5. Calming bed and body mist 20ml
  6. Magic Touch body cream 10ml
  7. Nail file
  8. Hands free 50ml
  9. Samurai Shower 50ml
  10. Balance Line Soap Bar 25g
  11. Zensational foaming shower gel 50ml
  12. Happy buddha 50ml
  13. Honey Touch 70ml
  14. Deep recovery Night Cream 5ml
  15. Scrub glove
  16. 24H hydrating gel cream 5ml
  17. Be kind to your skin body cream 70ml
  18. Hammam hot scrub 125g
  19. Miracle scrub 30ml
  20. Active firming day cream 5ml
  21. Essential anti-aging day cream SPF15 5ml
  22. Samurai ice shower 70ml
  23. Miracle wipes (10 wipes)
  24. Ginko’s secret 75ml
Rituals Advent Calendar 2016
Rituals Advent Calendar 2016

What I particularly like about this calendar (other than the fact that it’s filled with so many gorgeous Rituals products) is that so many of the products are so large.

Unlike many calendars where even the body products can be tiny sample sizes many of the products in this calendar are 50-70ml. Only the face products are smaller, as you’d expect.

Rituals Advent Calendar 2016
Rituals Advent Calendar 2016

I also like the mix of products. Although there is only one item of makeup in the form of the Miracle Mascara, there is a wide mix of other products with a good range of shower, body and face products.

Rituals Advent Calendar 2016

In addition there is a 10ml sample of the limited edition Rituals winter perfume which looks and smells absolutely gorgeous. advent 10

If all of that wasn’t enough there’s also a soap, nail file, scrubbing glove and the most heavenly Hammam Hot scrub.

Rituals Advent Calendar 2016

Whilst it seems really too early to be talking about Christmas in the first days of September, the Rituals Advent Calendar will cost £49.50 and launches in October, so only a few weeks away. I don’t have full details of the exact launch date yet, but I’ll update the details the second I do!  In the meantime, you can find Rituals products here.

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9 thoughts on “Rituals Advent Calendar

  1. I also got this calendar and I loved it. I only have to disagree with you regarding the perfume, I found the smell awful… I asked 2 friends if they want it,but no one likes it and it’s such a pity because it looks so pretty and I normally love Rituals perfumes 🙁 But overall I liked the calendar

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