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Revlon Brush Collection 2016 Review

25 Nov 2015 (Updated: 5 Apr 2016)

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This is SUCH exciting news and makeup brush lovers need to get ready to fall in love because Revlon have seriously upped their brush game in a very serious way. I literally cannot get over how gorgeous this new line up is! Here is everything you need to know about the Revlon Brush Collection 2016 which promises the brand’s most advanced cosmetic brushes ever.

Revlon Brush Collection Review

They are amazing!!!! There are 8 absolutely beautiful (in every way) brushes in a collection designed to combine superior quality, precision and durability for professional results.


2016 Line Up

  • Smokey Eye Brush Duo £7.99
  • Lip Retractable Brush £6.99
  • Lash & Brow Groomer £7.99
  • Powder Brush £12.99
  • Contour Brush £10.99
  • Blush Brush £10.99
  • Blending Brush £11.99
  • Foundation Brush £9.99

Revlon Brush Collection 2016 Features

Revlon Brush Collection 2016 Review
  • Feel so luxurious to hold
  • Bristles are super high quality
  • Each brush has what Revlon are terming a Diamond Grip handle
  • Handles are weighted and balanced for ultimate comfort
  • Expert FX brush heads are super soft and easy to clean
Revlon Brush Collection 2016 Review

And top of all this, they look incredible! I am obsessed with the Contour Brush. I haven’t seen the Powder Brush yet but it looks SO good!

2016 Smokey Eye Brush Duo

Revlon Brush Collection 2016 – Smokey Eye

2016 Lip Retractable Brush

Revlon Brush Collection 2016 – Lip Retractable
Revlon Brush Collection 2016 – Lip Retractable

2016 Lash & Brow Groomer

Revlon Brush Collection 2016 – Lash & Brow Groomer

2016 Contour Brush

Revlon Brush Collection 2016 – Contour

2016 Blush Brush

Revlon Brush  – Blush

2016 Blending Brush

Revlon Brush Collection 2016 – Blending

2016 Foundation Brush

Revlon Brush  – Foundation

Serious obsession happening over here!

The Revlon Brush Collection 2016 launches from April 2016 at Superdrug. Lucky Superdrug – these are literally going to fly! 2016 is the year for a real Revlon revival. There’s so much more to come so stay tuned!

UPDATE: Now available to order online HERE



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