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Prismologie at Space NK

23 Apr 2015 (Updated: 28 Apr 2015)

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There’s an exciting and extremely colourful brand launching at Space NK and it is all about choosing the way you want to feel. Have a little look at Prismologie. Loving that name…

Prismologie at Space NK

Prismologie Colour & Fragrance

As I said, colour is at the heart of this collection and within each colour, there are 2 products that share the same fragrance. And the fragrances are simply stunning! The combination of colour and aroma promises to deliver the mood that you choose to be in and you can use them to complement the natural phases you go through throughout the day.

The Red Hour
Yellow Day
White Beginning

“The Red Hour for example, inspires a go-getting energy ideal for morning, while White Beginning encourages clarity, purity and perspective for those reflective moments. Indigo Interlude meanwhile, is perfect for relaxing at the end of a hard day.”

Indigo Interlude
Green Epoch

Each formulation is pretty special and many of them use a bespoke blend of gemstone crystals like ruby, diamond and sapphire.

My pick of the products comes from the gorgeous pink range and it is a beautiful body balm that you apply with a powder puff and it gently illuminates the skin with a subtle sheen.

Pink O’Clock

It uses Rose Quartz and leaves the skin beautifully fragranced and softly shimmering with light. Love it!

It is a pretty pricey range, but it is all about luxury, high quality products that can genuinely put you in the place you want to be. The shower gels are £26, a candle is £45 and my favourite, the Prismologie Pink O Clock Body Balm is £55. By the way, Indigo Interlude is one of the nicest interpretations of Oud I have come across.

The range launches exclusively at Space NK in May 2015. It is definitely one to check out. Lifestylers will adore it!



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