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Primark PS Workout Makeup Review

14 Mar 2017 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Primark have released a new PS…workout range of specially formulated makeup designed to be worn while working out. Here is the review, swatches and sweaty post work out pictures.

I know that you’re supposed to look naturally beautiful when you’re exercising. All glowy and rosy, with bright eyes and an appealing flush. I’m not one of those girls, more’s the pity. I tend to just look a bit puffy and red. And sweaty! It’s not nice in all honesty. I do like to wear a bit of slap when I’m out running, so a makeup range designed to be worn while exercising is definitely worth investigation.

Primark PS Workout Makeup
Primark PS Workout Makeup

Primark PS Workout Makeup line boasts a lightweight, long wearing natural finish, and includes:

  • Liquid Lipstick £2
  • Stick Foundation £2.50
  • Waterproof Eyeliner £1
  • Waterproof Lip Liner £1
  • Lip Balm SPF50 £1
  • Mattifying Powder £2

I have been giving PS…Workout waterproof eyeliner, lip liner and foundation stick a run for their money. I really like the presentation of the PS range, the packaging is matte black with brightly coloured print. For the low low price, it looks good to me.

Primark PS Workout Foundation Stick in Ivory

Primark PS Workout Makeup Review
Primark PS Workout Makeup Review Foundation

I had shade Ivory to try and it matched pretty well. Ivory is a warm light/fair shade. The stick has a waxy consistency and I found it a little tricky to blend. I applied straight from the stick and blended with the warmth of my fingertips. It’s probably best to do it that way, I couldn’t really get it moving with my foundation brush. In fairness though, it did last well through my workout, you can see from the photos below.

Primark PS Workout Makeup Waterproof Black Eyeliner Pencil

Primark PS Workout Makeup Review
Primark PS Workout Makeup Review

Equipped with handy self sharpening ability, you just twist the base to expose more nib. (Don’t do what I did and try and sharpen it with a sharpener, it didn’t end well-oops!). Again this had a slightly waxy texture. It takes a bit of going over to get an intense black line. The PS eyeliner also lasts well during a workout with no smudging at all.

Primark PS Workout Makeup Water Resistant Lip Liner in Warm Up

Primark PS Workout Makeup Review
Primark PS Workout Makeup Review

I do really like the colour of Warm Up. It’s a neutral brown/pink shade, very wearable and natural looking. It’s soft and easy to apply. I can’t say I’ve ever gone to the bother of applying lip liner before exercising before and I’m not sure I will again. I’ll definitely be using this Lip Liner again though when I’m not working out, it’s a great shade and lasts well. Definitely a little gem for only £1. This pencil does require a sharpener, confusingly.

Here are the swatches:

Primark PS Workout Makeup Review swatches
Primark PS Workout Makeup Swatches- Warm Up Lip Liner, Black Eyeliner Pencil and Foundation Stick in Ivory

Here’s the snap of the Primark PS Workout makeup worn, before and after my run (apologies for the sweatiness!):

Primark PS Workout Makeup Review-before
Primark PS Workout Makeup Before


Primark PS Workout Makeup Review after run
Primark PS Workout Makeup- Immediately After Exercising

Primark’s PS Workout Makeup range is not the most luxurious makeup you could own. It is extremely cheap though. If you’re looking to grab a few things for your gym bag it’s an affordable option. The range is so bargainous, you might find something you like and if you don’t, you haven’t exactly blown your children’s inheritance. I really like the Lip Liner, I may well brave Primark and see what else I can find.

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One thought on “Primark PS Workout Makeup Review

  1. I wouldn’t have expected much from a Primark makeup range, but now I’m hearing consistently good things about it. At those sort of prices, it’s got to be worth checking a few things out! What is the shade range like for the foundation?

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