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Philosophy Time in a Bottle Eyes

10 Sep 2014

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Brand new to the Philosophy Time in Bottle line is an age-defying eye serum which promises to be a wakeup call for the eyes. Here’s the lowdown on Philosophy Time in a Bottle Eyes.

Philosophy Time in a Bottle Eyes

So! This is an anti-ageing corrective and protective eye serum formulated to work above and below the surface of the eye contour area. It promises brighter, tighter and smoother skin using Philosophy’s exclusive DNA Renewal Complex and is designed to be used under your eye cream.

Philosophy Time in a Bottle Eyes

Philosophy Time in a Bottle Eyes – The Formula

  • Carnosine Peptide works with Vitamin C to help prevent and correct signs of ageing and fatigue
  • Patented antioxidant repair complex plus pomegranate provides for broad spectrum protection from free radicals
  • gingko leaf extract and caffeine to reduce dark circles and puffiness

Philosophy Time in a Bottle Eyes – Consumer Tests

Based on once daily use in a self-assessment study group of 119 women:

  • 100% saw more luminous, youthful-looking eyes immediately
  • 91% saw improved fine lines and wrinkles immediately
  • 94% said their eye area was firmer after 4 weeks
  • 83% said their eye area was smoother after 4 weeks
Philosophy Time in a Bottle Eyes

Now I have only had this for a few days but I am really impressed so far. It’s super light and fluid and has an instant tightening and brightening effect. It really does feel like it wakes up my eyes. They feel refreshed and more open which is just what I need. It sinks in really quickly and then I apply eye cream over the top. I think it really improves the performance of my eye cream and the areas stays looking more hydrated.

I must stress though, these are my first thoughts and 3 days is not long enough to make a proper assessment on the long term benefits – obvz!! I am going to continue using this under my eye cream.

Philosophy Time in a Bottle Eyes is available for £36. The official launch date in the UK is 17th September 2014, however, it appears to already online at John Lewis.



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