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Petits Rituels Orange Gourmande Candle Review

22 Nov 2015

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I  have an ongoing obsession with candles but it really intensifies once winter sets in, so the obsession is raging! This week I have been burning the Petits Rituels Orange Gourmande Candle and it’s SO good!

Petits Rituels Orange Gourmande Candle Review

I have never come across Petits Rituels before which is always exciting, and it is really a beautiful luxury aromatherapy candle brand. They are all handmade, and use 100% natural wax and pure essential oils. They are free from paraffin wax and synthetic scents.

Petits Rituels Orange Gourmande Candle Review

Petits Rituels Candle Features

  • Unique craftsmanship uses a very high concentrate of essential oils in natural waxes
  • Gives an intense great scent throw both when cold and hot
  • Natural aromas for a real aromatherapeutic experience
  • Long-lasting: up to 40 hours candle burn time & 10 hours of wax melt fragrance
  • No paraffin wax & no artificial scents (no airborne toxins)
Petits Rituels Orange Gourmande Candle Review

The Orange Gourmand fragrance is incredible. It is described as having a ‘happy warming blend of Rose Geranium & Sweet Orange.’ It is gorgeous and a couple of hours burn fills my house with scent that lasts and lasts. Even when it isn’t burning I can smell it. Lovely.

Petits Rituels Orange Gourmande Candle Review

It is a really uplifting scent and has been blended to relieve stress and anxiety whilst creating a feeling of happiness.

The Petits Rituels Orange Gourmande Candle is 200g and costs £35. Find it here.



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