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Perfect 10 Mobile Beauty Review

1 Jun 2014 (Updated: 31 May 2014)

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Perfect 10 Mobile Beauty is a service that does pretty much what it says on the tin! It’s a mobile beauty service that basically brings the salon to your home! New ReallyRee team member and beauty addict, Camila, put Perfect 10 to the test. Take it away Camila!

Perfect 10 Mobile Beauty Review


I’m a bit of a ‘facial junkie’ and I always like trying new treatments, new products and new places. First impressions in a spa or clinic are so important – the environment and how staff greet and treat you can make a huge difference. When you go into the room where you’re having your facial, you can immediately tell how organised, prepared and equipped they are, and during the facial, you get to see what the therapist can do for your skin, how they combine their knowledge, hands and products. And soon after your treatment  you will see the results – a good facial shouldn’t immediately leave you red faced like a tomato and the day after your skin should be glowing and radiant.

Last week I had a new facial experience and I didn’t go to a clinic or a spa; the therapist came to my place! No traffic, no commuting and no waiting in reception. Hema from Perfect 10 was right on time, fully equipped with a bed, bags of products and towels.


Perfect 10 Mobile Beauty Review

In the usual way I had to fill out a form with questions about my general health, skin care routine and even my music preference: spa, Ibiza chill, nature sounds – she had even brought the music. And it was all selected by me on a mini iPad with pink cover – Love it!

The treatment included a double cleanse, aromatic oils and candles for relaxation. She applied a mask and left it for a few minutes whilst my arms and shoulders were massaged. A brief extraction followed and then the best part: a thick face cream/oil (it actually had more of a balm like texture) was applied and the face massage began. She encouraged me to stop talking for a while to achieve deep relaxation – she was right, I was probably talking too much! Hema was very polite and professional the whole way through the treatment.

The massage was excellent – one of the best I’ve had! Long strokes, light tapping and lymphatic drainage. Heaven….

Perfect 10 Mobile Beauty Review

The massage balm was then removed and she applied a face mask. The mask was left for approximately 10 minutes and during this period you can choose to have scalp or foot massage. I had a scalp massage – very good and I felt all the tension of a stressful day slip away. The hair oil is optional but as I was at home and I wouldn’t have to face anyone with greasy hair, I thought why not. The whole treatment was a real treat and it felt like a spa experience in the comfort of my own home.

The products they use are by Elemental Herbology. After she had left I headed straight for bed with my greasy hair and herb smelling face, feeling very chilled. The next morning I took a shower to remove the oil in my hair (which was a good night treatment by the way). In the mirror I saw a more radiant me and thought that I should definitely treat myself more often and Perfect 10 is an excellent, convenient and relaxing way to pamper yourself without stepping out of the house.


For more information on Perfect 10 Mobile Beauty, visit the website HERE.

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