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Party Nails with A Sprinkle of Gemstones!

8 Dec 2010 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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I have been having more nail polish fun. Yes! I know I’m shallow but I consider myself lucky to be able to get pleasure from such simple things.
I’ve been wearing a browny purply shade for the last few days and so I had a special request from my son for some red nails. You may think that this is odd, but you know, he does have to live with me and sometimes feels as much a part of this blog as I do!
Anyway, back to the nails.
So I went with a red. It’s a kind of orangey red I have from Leighton Denny called Viva La Diva.
I was liking it but it just didn’t feel festive enough, and after being a bit poorly for the past few days, I decided I needed to add a but of sparkle to cheer me up.
And if you’re after a bit of sparkle, all you need is Andrea Fulerton’s Gemstone Overcoat. I loved the ‘Night Fever’ Duo and I love this one too.

Completely gorgeous, it transforms nails in seconds, is really easy to apply and hey presto… party nails. I am not going to a party.  I am actually just going to and fro from work, but hey, it’s all in the attitude.


I am not sure how well it shows up in the photograph, but it’s super sparkly and shines lots of different glinty colours of jewels and gemstones. I love it.

The Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique Gemstone Overcoat costs £4.99 and is available from Superdrug.

Have you tried any Andrea Fulerton yet?

Can’t wait to hear from you


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