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Paraben Wars!

25 Feb 2015 (Updated: 21 Jan 2019)

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Well! I have ruffled some feathers haven’t I? And while I am all for a healthy debate, I do feel some have got themselves all heated up and missed the point I was trying to make.


As I did mention in my last post, there are as many points for using an ingredient as there are against. While there are some saying there is no evidence or backing to the reports of Parabens found in human tissue, I think you may find upon research that there is. Yes, we have Parabens in deodorants, body care and even in fruit! But my argument was simply, why use them if they can be avoided???

Claire has pointed out that what I wrote is “plain wrong”.  First of all, I think saying someone is wrong for what they believe and practice is a tad unnecessary. I CHOOSE to use products WITHOUT Parabens and I have to say working in the Professional Skincare Industry MY opinions and beliefs come from years of hands on experience of the reactive nature of products on the skin when these unnecessary ingredients are used. I have also seen how they can cause implications when used in conjunction with advanced treatments. These  implications include the negative effects on TEWL, Lipid barrier, sub-cutaneous reactions…the list goes on.

I have seen and treated hundreds of clients that have had adverse reactions to topical products with said ingredients and placed them on programs without said ingredients and, low and behold, had amazing results.

I feel I am, therefore, within my rights to express my opinion, as is Claire. I have to say I applaud her for doing so, I embrace all views, it is not for me to say she is wrong but to respect her views and make my own choices.

I  added links to studies and reports on the negative side to Parabens in my original Skincare Ingredients Blacklist post but I think ‘Ping pong Paraben gate’ will never end!

I stand by MY decisions and only provide MY VIEWS, some will agree and others won’t. That is why freedom of speech is such a great thing. I am sorry Claire’s heart sank, t’was not my intention to give anyone a coronary dip or make them angry. Anger is such a negative emotion and can be a tad toxic.. a lot like a paraben.

Peace out!

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