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Pantene Dry Oil with Argan Oil Hair Care & Styling Tips

29 Apr 2014 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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Pantene have 2 new Dry Oils and I have been testing out the one with Argan Oil for a week and getting on ever so well!! Because I heat style my hair lots (and lots) it is really important for me to ensure I treat it kindly and put some goodness back in. Here’s how I have been using the new new Pantene Dry Oil with Argan Oil to do that.
Pantene Dry Oils
So to start off, oh my goodness, this is just beautiful on wet hair. I found that I could actually be quite generous with it and as I smoothed it in to my towel-dried hair, I could feel it sinking in straight away.

Now I do love a hair oil but you have to be very careful because it is so easy to over do it. Your freshly washed hair can end up looking lank and greasy so you need to be very cautious about how much you use. If you have fine hair, you may even find that even the tiniest bit of oil is too heavy. 
Pantene Dry Oil with Argan Oil
This new Dry Oil from Pantene is super light and actually has, as the name would suggest, a dry finish which means it’s pretty hard to go wrong. I used about 4 generous pumps on my damp hair, warming it between my palms and then smoothing it through the lengths and ends.
Pantene Dry Oil with Argan Oil

The ends of my hair are particularly dry and I could feel it sucking up the goodness from the Moroccan Argan Oil!! I decided to go for minimal stying and natural straight hair and so just blasted it with the hair dryer. I expected to have to run the straighteners through it but the dry oil had a  great smoothing effect and my hair looked styled and straightened without even trying. Fabbie!
Pantene Dry Oil with Argan Oil
It was also really glossy and felt so soft and nourished. I’d definitely recommend anyone with dry hair to use this as it is a really effective moisturiser. It stayed feeling moisturised for a good few days too. The product promises added moisture for 24 hours but I felt it was longer lasting than that.
Pantene Dry Oil with Argan Oil is also great post styling. Here are some waves I put into my hair with tongs later in the week- they were just cooling when this photo was taken.
Pantene Dry Oil with Argan Oil Review
When my hair has just been tonged it can look a bit stiff and separated and also feel a bit dry. I used a pump of the Pantene Dry Oil with Argan Oil warmed up in my hands like this:
Pantene Dry Oil with Argan Oil
I lightly pulled it through the lengths to break up the waves, add lustre and inject moisture back in. It works so well.
Pantene Dry Oil with Argan Oil
The dry oil really softened the look without weighing down the hair or making the waves drop out. Lovely!!
Pantene Dry Oil with Argan Oil is out now and costs £6.99. There also a Vitamin E version – more news on that soon. Bargain Alert! Superdrug currently have the oils on sale for £3.47 which is shockingly good value for money!!


*This post has been sponsored by Pantene. This in no way affects the content and I am genuinely in love with this oil!! 

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