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Origins Maskimizer Skin Optimising Mask Primer

19 Jan 2016 (Updated: 14 Mar 2016)

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This is very exciting because it truly sounds like a first of its kind in skincare, well certainly for me! A mask primer! Loving the sound of this. If I can get my skincare working even harder, then I am all for it! Here’s what you need to know about the brand new and innovative Origins Maskimizer Skin Optimising Mask Primer.

Origins Maskimizer Skin Optimising Mask Primer

So this is a primer for your masks – a pre-mask treatment that promises to prep the skin to enable any mask to perform at its very best.

Origins Maskimizer Features

Origins Maskimizer Skin Optimising Mask Primer
  • Innovative lightweight formula
  • Preps skin to perform at its peak
  • Optimises the benefits of any face mask
  • Micro-fine mist instantly softens pores
  • Makes the outermost layer of the epidermis more permeable
  • Skin is more receptive to both hydrating and detoxifying treatments
  • Osmotic Technology drives and retains moisture within skin’s surface
  • Marine Algae acts as an osmoregulator to help skin resist dehydration
  • Boosts skin’s ability to bind moisture
  • Creates a smooth surface to enhance ‘spreadability’ of masks
  • Works with clay, cream and sheet masks
Origins Maskimizer Skin Optimising Mask Primer

I am SO intrigued by this and literally cannot wait to try it! All you have to do is spritz it over the skin, lightly pat it in, and then apply the mask. It’s the next big thing I am doing!! I’ll update as soon as I can, so watch this space. I love Origins and I love masks so I have high hopes!

Origins Maskimizer Skin Optimising Mask Primer is £18.50 and is available to order online HERE



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3 thoughts on “Origins Maskimizer Skin Optimising Mask Primer

  1. I do one wash off mask, and one sheet mask a night and have had Maskimizer for two weeks so since I’ve used it AT LEAST 14x since I bought it I think I’m qualified to make a review and it’s heaven!! I love this stuff sooo sooo much and even tho I’m going to 40 in the fall (no one EVER believes I’m as old as I am) I really don’t look it and I know it’s more about genetics and how much I baked in the sun when I was young, I also choose to believe that using masks help a little as well. As I stated I have pretty clear skin, even skin tone and I only have the occasional breakout even tho my skin is on the very oily side. Yes oily skin can and most often is a sob I also believe it’s helped me age better than my dry skinned girls who take just as good care of their skin. But I do find my masks have had had a profound change, in a good way, since using this mask primer wonder…Where were u in hs when I needed help all those yrs ago. But I digress this is a totally awesome product that I NEVER want to be w/o maskimizer ever when I’m using a mask!!
    The other great thing about this product is that it works under almost every type of mask. In fact the only mask it isn’t recommended for are the peel off ones, but other than that it is an awesome product. It gives my mask an extra little kick and yes it is noticeable after the first time using it, or at least it has been that way for me. Two weeks at least 28different masks of all types and brands it’s worked lovely underneath anything I’ve paired it with. And 28maskes and I’ve barely made a dent in it. I also like the way it comes out…it’s a real fine mist, obviously only if ur holding it a good distance from ur face, last don’t forget ur neck, as u should be putting ur masks all down ur neck and sometimes I use them on my hands as well, just a quick tip for other places u can use it, heck I’d even use it on my feet if doing any kind of foot masks.
    So I say go for it, if buying at Sephora u have nothing to lose (but more beautiful skin to gain) bec if u don’t like it u can return to the store, even if bought online, as long as it’s been w/I 30days try to keep ur receipt but if not they can look it up for u and u can either get store credit or ur cash back. For u lucky Americans it’s around $22 before taxes and us Canadians around 27.50 before taxes so it’marked at a pretty inexpensive price point.

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