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Orico London Skin Brunch Face Mask Review

6 Jul 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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New British brand Orico really excites me! I have had a little box of goodies for a few months now and feel a bit sad that I have only just gotten round to trying out the fabulous mask, Orico Skin Brunch.
Orico London Skin Brunch Face Mask Review
Orico London Skin Brunch Face Mask, £23 delivered at Feel Unique

Having had a little read about Orico London, I am really loving the thinking behind the products. It is all about giving skin the best defence to all the trials and tribulations of urban life – pollution, air-conditioning, heating, stress and the list goes on.
All the ingredients are certified organic, pure formulations, with anti-ageing bio-actives  and skin-nourishing super-foods developed to deal with skin that’s exposed to harsh urban environments. Also, all the products are formulated to be mood enhancing and uplifting with wonderful aromatherapy blends – the Happiness Booster!
Orico London Skin Brunch Face Mask Review
Orico’s Skin Brunch Kukui Rejuvenating Mask (125ml, £23) is pretty fabulous. It smells absolutely gorgeous and is packed full of amazing ingredients such as anti-oxidant Kukui oil, Macadamia, Mango and Coconut oils.
It is a hugely relaxing experience and feels lovely. I left it on for 15-20 minutes while it dried hard (I like a mask that does that) and when I washed it off my skin looked calm, soothed, smooth and moisturised. It had a lovely glow too. It’s super revitalising for tired, dull skin. I am going to try and get this in weekly!
Orico London Skin Brunch Face Mask, £23 delivered at Feel Unique for 125ml which I think is pretty reasonable for such amazing ingredients. 
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