Omorovicza Christmas Gift Sets

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Omorovicza is one of those brands I’ve heard a lot about but never had the opportunity to try. So I was delighted to be offered some Omorovicza Christmas Gift Sets to review.

Omorovicza Christmas Gift Sets 2016
Omorovicza Christmas Gift Sets 2016 – Packaging

Omorovicza are a Budapest based skincare brand, who believe they take an “artful approach” to delivering skincare. It’s a brand created by a husband-wife duo who found themselves amazed by the effects Budapest’s ancient thermal baths had on their skin. Stephen and Margaret decided to experiment with techniques which would distil the effects of mineral-rich thermal water into a skincare line and Omorovicza was born!

Their products are created in a Nobel Prize-winning Hungarian laboratory of dermatology (which is famous for its discovery of Vitamin C). Omorovicza pride themselves on harvesting minerals from the healing thermal springs, transforming the minerals’ chemical composition and thus improving their results on the skin.

This Christmas Omorovicza have launched an extensive collection of gift sets for the holiday season. There are a whole selection of sets to choose from and they are each packaged beautifully. The sets have been inspired by the intricate design of a peacock feather (which is actually used a lot in architecture in Budapest). The full range includes:

I have two beautiful Omorovicza skincare sets to show you in more detail. Both sets come in pretty white boxes. They have a sleeve over them which is decorated with the blue peacock print. When you remove the sleeve you are greeted by a clean white box, with the Omorovicza logo.

Both sets feel really substantial, the boxes are really heavy and so you really feel like you are opening something exciting. When you open the boxes, they feel so luxurious and then you are greeted by beautiful products which ooze luxury too.

Omorovicza Christmas Gift Sets- Introductory Kit

Omorovicza Christmas Gift Sets
Omorovicza Christmas Gift Sets – The Introductory Kit

Let’s start with The Introductory Kit. As the name suggests, this is designed to be the perfect kit for someone who is new to the brand. It’s a set of mini products, which is also perfect for an existing Omorovicza fan who travels a lot or who would like to take the products to the gym with them.

Omorovicza Christmas Gift Sets
Omorovicza Christmas Gift Sets – Introductory Kit Contents

The introductory set has five bestselling Omorovicza products:

  • Hungary Mist (30ml)
  • Thermal Cleansing Balm (15ml)
  • Cleansing Foam (30ml)
  • Balancing Moisturiser (30ml)
  • Ultramoor Mud Mask (15ml)

Each of the products have cleansing, hydrating, energising and anti-ageing properties. The products are designed to work together, which means you have a whole new skincare range in a handy box. This set retails for £69 here.

Omorovicza Christmas Gift Sets- Miracle Facial Set

Omorovicza Christmas Gift Sets
Omorovicza Christmas Gift Sets – Miracle Facial Set

The second set I have here is the Miracle Facial Set. Now this set really does feel special as you open it to reveal a trio of gorgeous skincare essentials, each of them 30ml in size.

It’s designed to be a bit more of an indulgent set and I totally agree that it feels like a really generous gift.

Omorovicza Christmas Gift Sets - Miracle Facial Set Contents
Omorovicza Christmas Gift Sets – Miracle Facial Set Contents

Included inside the box you get:

  • Queen of Hungary Mist (30ml)
  • Illuminating Moisturiser (30ml)
  • Miracle Facial Oil (30ml)

These three products all smell spectacular, designed to tone, refresh, hydrate and nourish the skin. This set retails for £80 here.

There is no doubt that these are premium gifts, but they feel and perform like premium products. This isn’t a brand that have put a hefty price tag on something to exploit the Christmas market. If you know somebody who is skincare obsessed, it might be worth adding these to the Christmas shopping list.



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