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Ole Henriksen Facial Water Review

6 Jun 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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I have been testing out the brand new Ole Henriksen Facial Water line up and enjoying it very much as I am a huge fan of face mists. There are 3 to choose from – Truth Facial Water, Grease Relief Facial Water and Nurture Me Facial Water, all designed to add different benefits to your skincare routine. Here’s the low down.

ole henriksen facial water
Ole Henriksen Facial Water Review

Ole Henriksen Facial Waters are custom blended with botanical extracts, essential nutrients, and antioxidants to refresh and replenish your complexion. Each one has its own unique aroma to refresh the senses.

ole henriksen facial water
Ole Henriksen Facial Water Review

Ole Henriksen Facial Water – Truth

The Truth Facial Water has been formulated for normal and combination skin and I think that it may be my favourite one. It is an energising and hydrating facial mist that uses a blend of sweet orange and mandarin oils, red and green tea, and pomegranate extracts which provide antioxidant protection.

ole henriksen facial water truth
Ole Henriksen Truth Facial Water Review

Pomegranate promotes a more even skintone while vitamin C brightens the skin. It has a lovely fresh, almost sherbet-y aroma that really revives the senses so it is great to spritz on during the day when you need a bit of a boost in energy and glow. I find this one really hydrating.

Ole Henriksen Facial Water – Grease Relief

The Grease Relief Facial Water has been formulated for oily or combination skin and this is another good one for me. I have been using Truth like a toner after cleansing and before the consequent steps in my skincare routine, however, I am been using this one more like a makeup primer. I have found this works really well for my combination skin.

ole henriksen facial water grease relief
Ole Henriksen Grease Releif Facial Water Review

This one is a purifying and mattifying facial mist which uses a herbal botanical blend of lactic acid, golden seal, and hops extract to exfoliate, soothe the skin and reduce redness. You can use it as a toner and any time during the day to tackle shine. I have really been enjoying misting on and letting it dry just before I apply makeup. I think it has definitely helped to keep shine under control.

Ole Henriksen Facial Water – Nuture Me

Nurture ME Facial Water has been formulated for dry and sensitive skins. It promises to be a soothing and hydrating facial mist with a nutrient-rich botanical blend of cucumber, chamomile, and Pro Vitamin B5. I love the cucumber smell of this, and I find it very hydrating, however, it is my least favourite as a couple of times I used it on holiday, I found it mildly irritating. I felt a tiny sting for a short time – it is nothing to get over excited about but just something I didn’t experience with the other 2 mists.

ole henriksen facial water nurture me
Ole Henriksen Nuture Me Facial Water Review

The Ole Henriksen Facial Water line launches in the UK HERE in July 2016. The range is already available in the US and you can order Truth here, Grease Relief here and Nuture Me here.




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