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Ogario London Travel Treats – Perfect For Holidays & Festivals

20 Jun 2017 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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I recently reviewed some Ogario London styling products and I was impressed with what I tried. So, when I was given the opportunity to try more from the range I jumped at the chance. I often have to travel to Birmingham for overnight trips for work and the amount of equipment I need to carry means I need to pack smart with my toiletries. This is where this range comes in.

Ogario London Hydrate & Shine Shampoo

The hydrate and shine range is designed for dry and colour treated hair. The shampoo features Honey and Moringa Seed. Honey is used to hydrate, it leaves hair easy to detangle, soft and shiny. Moringa Seed is deeply moisturising to the hair follicles, it’s also conditioning to the scalp. Moringa Seed is also an antioxidant so will help combat the effects of pollution damage to the hair and scalp.

This shampoo has a gorgeous scent to it, sort of sweet and aromatic. It is the most glorious colour of liquid honey. I only used a small amount, probably the size of a 50p coin to wash my long hair with. I found that it lathered very quickly and washed out well, leaving my hair feeling clean and ready for the conditioner. Find it here

Ogario London Shampoo
Ogario London Shampoo

Ogario London Hydrate & Shine Conditioner

The conditioner contains Tamarind and also Marshmallow. Tamarind is often found in cosmetics as it’s known for being beneficial to the skin. It helps improve hydration and tone, thus also leaving hair moisturised and easy to detangle. Marshmallow brings soothing and softening to the mix, so is perfectly matched with Tamarind in this conditioner.

Given a marshmallow type appearance, this conditioner smells lovely and fresh, it complements the shampoo well. Again, I only needed a small amount. I usually only apply conditioner to the ends and mid lengths of my hair, then I smooth whatever is left on my scalp before washing as my hair is very fine. This rinsed well and when I went to comb my hair through my comb sailed through, I also found my hair air dried quite quickly. Find it here

Ogario London Conditioner
Ogario London Conditioner

Ogario London Restore & Shine Hair Mask

The final product in the set is a restore and shine hair mask. I love a hair mask almost as much as I love a facemask! I was quite disappointed to see this product contains lavender and sage as Lavender has long been one of my least favourite scents. However I was really surprised when I smelt it as it smells so fresh and citrussy. I wouldn’t have known it contained lavender if I hadn’t seen it on the packaging.

Lavender is known, amongst other things, as being great for healing so it makes perfect sense to see it in a hair mask. Sage compliments the Lavender by softening the hair. This mask has a lovely thick texture. I applied it to towel dried hair and covered with a disposable shower cap. I then left it for about 15 minutes, although you can leave for as little as 10, or longer if you have damaged locks. The mask washed out easily and my hair combed through easily too. Find it here

Ogario London Hair Masque
Ogario London Hair Masque

In conclusion, I was just as pleased with these products as I was with the previous ones I had tried from Ogario. The shampoo and conditioner will stay in my overnight bag. As I only used a small amount I know they would easily last through a holiday away etc. as well. The hair mask is also a nice treat to take away as I get bored easily in hotel rooms and it would give me a nice little pamper with a face mask.

You can find Ogario London travel sized products here



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