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Nugg Exfoliating Lip Smoother – Winter Lip Wonder?

17 Sep 2017 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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I’ve written before about a few stick lip scrubs. Both Wunderscrub and Hema are great for on the go and to remove liquid lipsticks before reapplication if needed during the day. I do however like a potted scrub for a more in-depth exfoliation. My current favourite is the Jeffree Star Velour Lip Scrub in Spearmint. So I was intrigued when I was sent the new Nugg Exfoliating Lip Smoother.

Nugg Exfoliating Lip Smoother
Nugg Exfoliating Lip Smoother

The packaging is a beautiful dusky metallic pink sphere which twists open to expose the white scrub inside. Unlike other lip scrubs I’ve tried, it’s not a traditional sugar scrub, it’s more creamy in texture. Looking on the Nugg website it’s described as containing;

  • Jojoba Wax
  • Sugar Granules
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Jojoba Seed Oil
  • Sunflower Seed Wax

The jojoba wax and sugar granules gently exfoliate while the cocoa butter, jojoba seed oil and sunflower seed wax hydrate and condition. It’s an all-in-one lip treatment.

Each sphere despite it’s small appearance contains enough product for 30 applications within it’s 7g. I usually use a lip scrub prior to liquid lipstick or matte lipstick application to avoid any accentuation of dry patches or uneven texture. I normally use a lip balm afterwards to ensure my lips stay soft. With Autumn and Winter creeping in I apply daily to prevent chapped lips due to the cold.

Nugg Exfoliating Lip Smoother
Nugg Exfoliating Lip Smoother

The biggest advantage for me of the Nugg Exfoliating Lip Smoother is in the name. It exfoliates and smooths so saves me the step of applying a separate balm. I simply remove a small amount from the sphere – about the size of a baked bean- and apply to my lips using circular movements. Once I feel the oils have started to melt and sink into my lips I gently tissue off in a circular motion to continue the massage.

I’m then left with soft smooth lips that appear healthy and look great. And the best part of all is that it smells like vanilla cake batter!

With the colder weather approaching I’d recommend getting a head start on a good lip scrub routine so you can avoid the dreaded chapped lips and associated discomfort. Find Nugg Exfoliating Lip Smoother here

Stacey x

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