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Noughty To The Rescue For Frizzy and Damaged Hair

29 Sep 2016 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Something I have always struggled with is my hair; it’s over-dyed and full of split ends. I have tried shampoo after shampoo to try to restore it and leave it soft, but with little success.

Noughty To The Rescue
Noughty To The Rescue Range

We do so much to our hair these days. From washing, drying, straightening and curling our hair can get so damaged over time that we need to show it the attention it needs and not use just any shampoo and conditioner on it.

Noughty have a whole range of products, but I have recently been trying out their ‘To The Rescue’ Shampoo and Conditioner. The Noughty To The Rescue range is suitable for frizzy and damaged hair and I was excited to see the results.

Firstly these products smell unreal. After washing and blow drying my hair the smell lingers for around two days. I have never found this with any hair products in the past. With sweet Almond and sunflower seed extracts your hair should be left feeling soft, silky and free of split ends.  Not forgetting that it should also help with the awful frizz my hair can get!

Noughty have no parabens, silicons, sulphates or petrochemicals so they are 97% natural, which I love.

Noughty To The Rescue
Noughty To The Rescue – 97% Natural

After around a month of using these products my hair is super soft. Every time I use them it is left feeling silky smooth and no residue is left from the shampoo or conditioner. One thing to note is that the shampoo doesn’t feel like it lathers up in your hair. It does feel strange to use as I sometimes felt like it wasn’t washing my hair thoroughly,  but I can guarantee it does. My split ends are not as noticeable anymore, my hair is silky soft and I can see a huge difference! In general my hair looks more healthy and fresher.

I was pleasantly surprised by this brand as it’s very inexpensive. I can be quite picky when it comes to hair products as I find that not many agree with my crazy, thick hair. However, Noughty will be a brand I go back to time and time again from now on.

You can find the Noughty To The Rescue range here

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One thought on “Noughty To The Rescue For Frizzy and Damaged Hair

  1. Hi Olivia, what a great review! We’re so happy you love Noughty as much as we do!

    We noticed your comment regarding the lather of the shampoo; you may know that in non-natural shampoos the lather is in fact usually created through sulphates. As Noughty is free from sulphates (as well as petrochemicals, parabens and silicones) the lather is instead created through a cleansing and foaming agent derived from coconut, which is much softer and kinder to your skin. By using this natural ingredient the lather can sometime seem less, but have no fear your hair will be left feeling clean, healthy and happy. Don’t forget to stay Noughty!

    Lots of Love, The Noughty Team x

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