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No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara Review

5 Oct 2010 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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I’ve been very excited to try this mascara because there has been quite a buzz about it. It has a three stage approach, with three different types of applicator on the brush, all doing their very own job.
Now I have to be honest. I wasn’t thinking about any of this when I tried it. I did the classic ‘grab it, rip it open and get applying’. I get a bit over excited with new stuff you see? 
I worked it out very easily though, because it goes on so nicely. There really was no clumpiness to speak of. It defined and lengthened beautifully and delivered a gorgeous natural long lash look.
I really love it. This took less than a minute. It’s so easy and delivers excellent results. I think I could make it look so much better if I approached it will the three steps in mind! It shows that it’s a fail-safe product. 
I’d definitely recommend this and it is going to be my go to mascara for everyday.
What’s your favourite mascara?
Can’t wait to hear from you

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One thought on “No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara Review

  1. Good to know they’ve finally got it right! I bought their last few mascaras and was extremely disappointed with all of them so I’ve stayed away. This isn’t a new concept, but they’ve marketed it very well. Repeat purchase though? Hmm, not sure it has staying power xx

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