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New from Bourjois: Volume Fast & Perfect Mascara Rotatif Review

8 Mar 2011 (Updated: 19 Jan 2019)

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PhotobucketI was lucky enough to pick up the latest mascara from Bourjois at the recent blogger event I attended.

Now I am a huge fan of Bourjois’ Voulmizer mascara and didn’t really think I would like this new one any better. But guess what??! I do!

Not only is it all gadgety (I love a gadget) but it makes my lashes look amazing (and I love amazing lashes!!!). In fact after I put it on the other day, my friend Lucy, who has pretty amazing lashes herself, commented on the amazingness of my lashes (just out of the blue, with no prompting, honest).
This is a photo of the first time I used it at home. I have gotten even better at applying it now.
Bourjois Volume Fast & Perfect Rotating Mascara
It is really easy to apply once you get the hang of it. You just need to put the wand at the base of the lashes and leave it there rotating for a few seconds before combing it through the length of the lashes. It really grabs the lashes from the root and gives a really good lift.
Here is a little video the Bourjois girls took at my first attempt at applying it. My tip is to make sure the brush is always turning forward. Remember that and you’ll go far. If you look close, you see how the brush grabs and lifts the lashes.
Excuse my wobbly eyeliner – too much playing with makeup!

So, I have found a new favourite!! I really love it! And it stays put really well, it is very long lasting.

It will be available from May 2011 and will cost £11.99.

The only thing you’ll need to worry about is remembering to turn it off!


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