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Natural Spa Factory Luminous Rice Gel Cleanser Review

29 Apr 2013 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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This product was really not what I was expecting at all. It is called a gel cleanser, which conjures up suds and lather and all that jazz, but this is not like that. It is much more luxurious. Let me tell you about the Natural Spa Factory Luminous Gel Cleanser.
Natural Spa Factory Luminous Rice Gel Cleanser Review
The Natural Spa Factory has just launched their new Luminous Rice range, which includes this Gel Cleanser, and it is all about achieving radiant, luminous skin.
Take a look at what the Natural Spa Factory Luminous Gel Cleanser looks like:
Natural Spa Factory Luminous Gel Cleanser Review
Rather than the gel texture I was expecting, it actually melts into the skin like an oil/balm and it feels absolutely amazing on the skin. I like to remove my makeup first with a micellar cleanser, then massage this into my skin slowly for a real luxurious, sensorial deep cleanse. I rinse with water for super soft, clean and hydrated skin.
It has a wonderful honey and floral aroma and is a real delight to use. This is the low-down:
It contains micronised rice seeds, rice oil, extracted from the bran, is very rich in oryzanol, one of the best anti-oxidants for skin protection, and rice water produced by filtration, purifies and encourages the renewing of the skin cells through gentle exfoliation.
“Active ingredients inhibit the melanin synthesis which promote a more even skin tone and reduces pigmentation”.
You only need a teeny tiny blob for your whole face and a 50ml pot of Natural Spa Factory Luminous Rice Gel Cleanser costs £20. I think it is good value for money.
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