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The Naked Truth by Dr Darren McKeown

25 Apr 2011 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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The Naked Truth by Dr Darren McKeown
I was super excited to try this range from Dr Darren McKeown, cosmetic doctor and skincare specialist. Dr Darren has been treating people in both Glasgow and London’s Harley Street and now has brought his services to the high street with his range called The Naked Truth available exclusively from Superdrug.
Dr Darren says,
“I chose the active ingredients based on the strength of scientific evidence to support their efficacy. I wanted to select the ingredients based on science rather than fiction and if there is no scientific evidence that an active works, then there is no room for it in my product. It’s not that we don’t believe in miracles, it’s just that we’re not sure they come in bottles.”
I love this honest pragmatic approach.
So far I have tried the Age Resistant Cleanser and Face Renewal Mask. I am really impressed with them both. In this post, I am going to focus on the mask because it really is gorgeous and deserves it’s own attention.
The mask promises to remove dead skin cells with olive exfoliator, improve radiance with magnesium, copper and zinc, and soothe and comfort with waterlilly extract. What more could you ask from a mask?
And I have to give it to it, it certainly delivered. You smooth the mask onto your face, leave for ten to fifteen minutes and then rinse. I gave it a little scrub before washing it away to maximise the exfoliation. As I rinsed, the improved softness of my skin was instantly apparent, and I could still feel this softness the next day.
My skin looked glowy and refreshed and it felt nourished too so you are actually getting an exfoliater and a mask in one product. You hardly need to use any product as a little goes a long way, and it could realistically replace two separate products,  so I think that at £21.99, it’s brilliant value for money.
The full range is available online at Superdrug now and in stores from 18th May. Definitely worth a look.

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