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My Hair Cut at Earth Hairdressing. Another Video Review!

17 Feb 2011 (Updated: 20 May 2014)

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I had my hair cut last week and afterwards I rushed home and did a video review for you. Ever since, I have been trying to get round to editing it. 
I decided to make a video because I tried to take a couple of photos and it really wasn’t very effective in showing off my haircut. So I thought I’d try this. 
I really wanted to do a proper review because I’m so pleased with my hair and really enjoyed my salon experience at Earth
Please excuse the quality of the editing. I didn’t have a helper this time. Sorry!!!

So here’s my vid – I’ll will put more salon info at the end of the post.

Like I said, I can only apologise for my awful video but I thought it was the only way for you to see my hair properly!!

Here are a few shots of the salon:


“Earth Hairdressing is the leading Japanese hair dressers in the World. With their friendly and fantastic customer service, Earth prides themselves on pampering their clients and giving a special yet unique experience.

From beauticians to trained stylists, the salon offers a wide range of services to provide the best in hair-care and treatments from a prime location in the West end of London.”

For even more info:


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