My Coolsculpting Treatment - Does It Work? Does It Last?
By Ree

My Coolsculpting Treatment – Does It Work?*

15 Jan 2019 (Updated: 20 Jan 2019)

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Earlier in the year I had some Coolscupting treatment. It is genuinely one of the most impressive beauty treatments I have ever experienced. I know that there are lots of questions about how it works, whether it works, and how long it lasts, so I made a video with the company that creates Coolsculpting, Allergan, to help explain. Enjoy!

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My Coolsculpting Treatment – The Video

Having had so messages on Instagram with questions about Coolsculpting, I thought the best thing was to sit down and make a video to answer those questions. This video addresses what Coolsculpting is, what is feels like, how to find out if it’s for you, and most importantly, if and how it works. I hope you enjoy it!

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On set with Coolsculpting

What I had Done

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I had a few areas treated and have been super pleased with the results. My Coolscupting journey started with my lower stomach and sides (or flanks as they are sometimes unflatteringly referred to) being treated. I talk through how this feels in the video, so make sure you check it out.

It takes about eight weeks to start seeing the results, although longer for some, as the dead fat cells are metabolised and removed from the body. Once they are gone, they don’t come back! I know – amazing!

Once my first treatment had taken effect, my lower stomach was flatter than my upper stomach, so I went back for a round of treatment on the upper part and also took the opportunity to tackle another problem area which I talk about in the video (will hyperlink to Youtube). The next image is a clue!!

Coolsculpting – Double Chin

Coolsculpting treatment double chin


I’m now feeling so much more confident about the contours of my body. I don’t have to wear spanx when I wear a jumpsuit anymore (which I always previously had to do regardless of my weight).  I feel much better about how my profile looks in photos.

If you any questions once you have watched the video, please do let me know. I am always happy to chat. Find an approved clinic HERE.

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